War of Champions & Transfers [10/14]

Hello Everyone,

Based on the number of questions that have been coming my way - here are some clarifications on the War of Champions & Transfers topics:

  • The players must be in a 1A region to qualify for War of Champions.
  • The Scores will be tracked beginning on 10/18 regardless of the current region, however, following the next wave of transfers only 1A scores will be considered.
  • The rosters of qualified factions will be taken from the CRW immediately prior to War of Champions. These are the players that will be eligible to participate.
  • Following War of Champions, the 1A will be able to move to any wave 1 region and all regions will revert to 1/2/3.

The Walking Dead Team


Can we get some information on if prizes will be scaled between 1A & 1B, since one is 8v8 and the other 6v6. Effort levels will be different. Thanks!


info on shit tier s class would be nice as that date is coming up.


Just answer this question
Do i need to move to 1a now to compete in WOC or not?

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Have fun rts community literally getting suckered into this shit again.


No, you would just need to next transfer window.

Nope. Regions aren’t 1A or 1B yet until the next window. Then you will need to be in an A1…

Which begs the question, what is the point of this transfer window?


@GR.Scopely apperciate the post and clarification but if customers can’t even move to different waves when they were meant to in the transfer region, factions move but can’t find each other or whatever that issue is, or moved but then are locked out of their account, wouldn’t it be more important to provide an update on these things instead of requirements to qualify for WOC?

The extra transfer now lets the people in 1A regions move out before it starts if they don’t want to participate. And allows people in Wave 3 to get up to Wave 1 if they did want to participate.


@GR.Scopely what’s the point of waves then? why not just create a WoC region as you did in the first woc?

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they are to fucken retarded and lead by guy i posted pic of in a post

But will next window be before woc2 or not.
This is clear as a tinted window

I just have one request… I want to be able to go directly from wave3 to wave one. I refuse to pay twice.


So when do the waves get split? According to first post about the split there are 6 windows within the split to move, and then you say here that after woc all go back to just 1,2,3… So what is the actual point of the split into a and b in the first place?

can you tell us what the actual dates are for region transfers instead of just listing which region belongs to each wave. That isn’t helpful at all. We can read thank you very much scopely. Do your job properly


will all wars leading up to woc be crw as that will play a big part in deciding where to go

I understood this, qualifiers start next war, only the ones in 1a are elegible, next transfer window are pre WOC, qualified peeps can move then to the WOC region for this transfer window non qualified Factions and players can move to their selected region always horizontally or up, never down. After WOC new transfer window for players to move horizontally or up

This is so unnecessarily complicated.