War of Champions Rewards Suggestions

Better be damn good. So good that even last place rewards for WoC should at least be equal or better than 1st place rewards for regular CRW. It only makes sense with the Top 40 factions in the whole game.

Unless you really need to measure your d*ck against others, there would be no reason for participating when you can end up with crappier prizes than a regular CRW.


War wheel with exclusive or strictly gen 2 toons only?
Thousands of coins?

Something like:
1st = 100,000 coins + 5 pulls
2nd = 75,000 coins + 4 pulls
3rd = 60,000 coins + 4 pulls
4th-5th = 50,000 coins + 3 pulls
6th-10th = 25,000 coins + 3 pulls
11th-20th = 15,000 coins + 2 pulls
21st-40th = 10,000 coins + 1 pull

Not even close? Just prepare to be disappointed? :joy:


Most of us aren’t particularly interested in a slug fest… but I’m sure it can be interesting if 1st place prize was a Harlan and 2nd and 3rd place are 1,000 war stash tokens


D measuring is all that matters in this world.

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No, give only the rank 1 faction a pull on the war wheel. Make the other factions realize what it’s like to be lower.


More Barker’s please.

Didn’t get enough from the war wheel


I’d laugh if the war token wheel was exactly the same, just doubling the tokens for the faction involved.

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ahhah this pleasee

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Whatever rewards they’ll be giving out, it’ll definitely not be worth all the thousands of $$$ this tournament will bring in for Scopely.

Probably would help scopely a lot by actually naming what it is that makes damn good rewards. Could be smelling salts for all they know. You got to train scopely here.

Boatload of trainers and medals not some crappy Barker wheel

no rewards required
just add a champion to avatar
that’ll get them excited, no reward would get any whale fac excite besides something showing off they are the best to everyone

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They shouldn’t give any rewards imo

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Nah I’ll take a shitty exclusive toon over some avatar. Functionality trumps a badge. If both are offered, I’ll happily take both.

what’s the point of getting an exclusive toon that you wont use, when u can have champion, like day one people with blood!

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Isn’t the avatar of the exclusive toon I won’t use enough?

Especially if it’s a real The Wanderer successor.

prolly be a promo the next day hehhe with the way scope works all about the moneeeeey

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Meh I’d be OK with it.