War of Champions - Link live Stream

Hey everyone,

I am super excited to not only be a content creator, but also a participant in war of champions! I will be live streaming as much as I can! Come see the factions, the teams and I guess you’ll be seeing me try to grind to that 500K milestone!

Here is a link to my channel -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoiUzJbxAe3gVr0yEDhE4WQ

Will also drop a link to the live stream when I’m up and running :sunglasses:



Ooohhh sweet i wanna see this :joy::joy:

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Good luck!

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Thx link :raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4: I messaged scopely to gimme a vip key to watch but I guess I won’t be needing it now :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Who would watch something like this? It’s pure boredom, no real entertainment or competition as seen in real e-sport games? It’s like watching seniors playing cards in a pub. :joy:

If you participate in this nonsense event, and you play & stream from a computer they should bän your player account. Doesn’t matter if you call yourself “content creator”.

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You don’t have to watch (: and I play and stream from my iPhone - I’m not cool enough for that other stuff :joy:

But on stream I will try to talk about how I attack teams or why I attack them a certain way. Feel free to tune in or not (:


Awesome Link! I’ll be dropping in and good luck! I’ll see you on the battlefield :wink:

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Bumping this as we are getting closer and closer to WAR TIME!

hope to see you all in chat on my stream :smiley:

Also who do you think will be the champion in war of champions?


I don’t think there is much doubt about who will win this :blush:


Good luck Link!!!

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I will watch your stream and VV or walkers

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Ones with the deepest pockets is my guess :joy:

Yet you can take the time to come up with a salty paragraph about something you don’t care about? Sounds legit :rofl:

If you’re a child, I totally get it. Like you legitimately acting angry for someone choosing to do a stream. You need someone to care about you bud? A soft shoulder to cry on? Hit me up. Doesn’t matter if you call yourself “douchebag.”


Thanks good luck in WOC. Your videos are always really helpful :kissing_heart:

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stream is live! https://youtu.be/yUi1wmdGY6I