War Of Champions Keys Sent To Wrong Region

We need help from the community manager.

It seems anybody that transferred region after qualifying for CoW has had their key sent to the old region & is therefore unable to compete. Given the number who of people that have moved this is going to have a pretty big impact on he number of full factions being able to compete.

Support are directing people to you @JB.Scopely


maybe people should have stayed with the faction they qualified with? There was no mention that stashes were going to reset or that LU and SR would be available in this region. Maybe compensate those as well?

And i have this problem

No everyone was given a choice, lots of poaching & merging happened & there was a lot of collateral damage.

Compensation is being made for this already.

Compensated for being able to compete in events? Seriously?


I think scopely must send WOC key to all region to acc who can fight in WOC

‘Compensation’ for stashes was given to everyone irrespective of pulls made. I pulled once but have faction mates who pulled way 16.

If I knew LU and SR were going to be available in WoC region I would have transferred there before scoring any useless points in my region. I asked JB these questions on the forum on Monday and got no reply.

Fair points, but non of which detract from the fact people now unable to transfer to the CoW region after qualifying should be helped to get there, not really sure what your argument is tbh, that people that have been screwed shouldn’t be helped because other have also been screwed.

That way nobody ever gets help.

Of course they should be helped. Everyone should.

My point was that despite this even was announced 3 weeks ago no info was given until 3days before the event which makes no sense.

I asked JB if there was a time frame when people can transfer in this region. Still havent received a reply. War starts middle of the night for me and others. What if region is locked as soon as war starts? We’d all be locked out.