War of Champions II update - 11/05

no ones going to WoC as they cant level up, or ascend their toons to play in it through no gear, no medals, no trainers and ridiculous 2* cost to level up S Class

Cant afford keys, had to spend coins on refreshing the depot

You can still fight with old toons.

Ill believe that when I see it.
We’ll all go and we’ll hate every second of it lol :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i think if anyone goes then all rewards, milestones etc should be released and detailed to peole before they go.

None of this come get your blazing hot rewards oh heres a burt BS

and rewards from 3 downwards need to be better than a normal CRW

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RTS VADW AND REAL NEMESIS GOT ON HERE. It’s proven usual suspects are horrible

I’ve been asking the entire time they will give better rewards for 8v8 than 6v6 since it requires more effort to war 8v8. But, I’m sure it will be the same for everyone because God forbid they have to write 2 codes.

They would break the game doing that, given their track record.

I’m one that left VV but have nothing but respect for Vendeta and Conquest. It was my choice and for reasons that have nothing to do with speculations. I wish them well in WoC as well other top factions. Competition makes this game fun.


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