War of Champions II - Jan 7 Update

Transfers have been open twice since the announcement of how qualification would be determined. They aren’t opening them again before war on Friday. You missed the bus.


Wonderful. Thanks for the quick response!

I was under the impression that whatever fac you’re in during the 1/10 qualifying war, you’d be locked into THAT fac to play in WOC.

Good to know we have options. :blush:

Hi, could you tell me if GR.scopely is still alive and whether or not he hasnt been fired? Would also be nice to know if he’s still planning to answer some questions brought up in the forums. Thanks in advance.


Lol a different region for the actual WoC. Will they be providing keys for that transfer? Pretty sure I know the answer but have to ask.

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Free to transfer there but they’ll make you transfer back on your own coin :rofl::rofl:

They did exactly the same scenario during 1st WoC. If I remember it right, there weren’t really issues back then.

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Wish I could enter WoC but no I’m in the 4th best fraction in my region :disappointed_relieved:

Ah ok, I never really paid attention to the money grab war.

Then why pay attention now? Same war just dragged out over months instead of tidy-ish like the last WoC

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Well the amount of gates and tech issues have multiplied since so there is reasonable doubt they pull this off flawless :smile:


Will we be able to go back to our regions after WoC is over?


You mean ppl are still going to do this after the massive screw ups during the last one? :wink::joy::grin::smile::laughing:

Define “work” :rofl:

This is a very important question. We were kinda tricked with ToC

Woc & Toc were 2 different tourneys.

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No offense but if it’s older then a week it’s outdated and at best can be considered only a possibility with scopley.

They probably forgot they posted that.



They can barely get factions right, tracking individuals is way over their capabilities imo.

Plus war is not 1v1, it’s very teamwork oriented. You win or lose as a team.


That’s cute! Even if they only said that last week I’m sure we have all learned you cannot believe ANYTHING they say.