War of Champions II - Jan 7 Update

Greetings Survivors,

Below are important updates regarding the upcoming War of Champions. Please read carefully to prepare for the event.

  1. WoC will be held on Feb 7, 2020.
  2. The upcoming 1/10 CRW will be the last WoC qualifying CRW.
  3. Faction Rosters from the 1/10 CRW will be used for WoC invites.
  4. Players must be a member of a qualifying WoC faction and participate in the 1/10 CRW in order to be invited to the region where WoC will be held (invites to be provided at a later date). Recall that eligibility will be determined based on final standings as of the end of the 1/10 CRW.
  5. The 1/24 CRW and any other CRWs up until WoC will not have scores tracked / count towards WoC qualification.

To be clear, qualifying players who want to be invited to WoC need to participate in the war this weekend (1/10) otherwise they won’t receive an invite to WoC.


Wow someone works at scopely


So you knew players are really bored and probably wouldn’tparticipatein any of your events.


Dang, player participation must be low as hell if you have to tell people to participate.


I do not think the statement is due to low activity. Its a CYA to stop players from complaining about not getting invites when they join a faction after the 1/10 war.


I can’t wait for them to screw this up when players don’t get the invite.


If you war in a qualifying fac for the 1/10 CRW, but want to go to another qualifying fac for WOC, is that movement allowed? Obviously facs within the same region.


Yes - Once a player transfers to the War of Champions region they will be able to join any faction. You don’t have to join the faction you qualified with if you choose not to.


Bruh any update on the s class gold bar characters


@ForumAdmin thanks for the updated info.

Can we get further communication on what the prizes will be?


Speaking of transferring… when can we expect information on the timing, rules, and limitations on transfers that are expected after WOC? Its crucial for factions to have time to fully plan for them


So why not tracking individuals players score instead of factions , last war I did +300k I I don’t exactly remember but somewhere between 3.6 and 3.8
And yet a player with 1k in a high active faction can join WOC instead of me .
Hmmmmm that’s completely logical

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Can you please include the rest of the waves in any future plans?? I mean FA free s class… Transfer updates etc!! Come on we don’t bite


Read the comment above you :woman_facepalming:t3::clown_face:


Yes I know that man , but our server is being silent like ***** since the holidays.
Even though we’re one of the highest servers when it comes to activities

Probably a new shity 5*

Because the guidelines for qualification were laid out months ago that it was based on factions. Why didn’t you join a 1A faction that was able to qualify?


I am thinking of doing that if only they open transfer .