War of Champions Announcement


Dont get mad at me because i called you out. You talk about how great you are and how everyone is gonna lose to you 1 day and the next say nevermind its st pattys day, sounds like a lame exscuse to me.
Have fun tho because your money is better spent on booze anyways


I don’t talk about how great i am, i talk about how my faction works together well. I will spend money for war all day because it’s fun but this weekend only happens once a year so war isn’t important to most of us. No excuses, you will see next time this war champion thing happens again how good we really are.


8 turn active? Did they not learn from Red Jesus? Oh right, because people still spend.


Who the f_ck is St Patty?

I’m sure St Paddy might be interested in her number though


I hear ya. St patty is awesome. But it’s hardly the only day someone can drink all day lol


Fun event overall. Regions solely for whales so the wolves could devour each other.


It’s the only day you can and not get judged …lol


I think this will be great, some will face adversity for the first time in a lonnnnnng time, I’m looking forward to reactions to be honest.


Right. In Wisconsin our (un)official state motto is: You can’t be drunk all day unless you start in the morning.

We also call St. Patrick’s day and New Year’s ‘Amateur day’. The real drinkers do this, holiday or not, and get annoyed when the amateurs discover they can start in the morning.


Possibly, but hard to believe when you go from “we’re gonna be shocked by how good my faction is” to “I forgot about drinking on St. Patty’s so my faction won’t be active this war” within 24 hours…

A strong group of players you say, but can’t war due to St. Patty’s day? Come on now brosef. You can’t call them serious, competitive players then can ya? Js


Haha, if Scopely can schedule wars during New Year’s Eve and Mother’s Day in the past, then St. Paddy’s is nothing.


Some people war better when drunk, anyway :grin::beers:


For the love of God, can people please not refer to St Patrick’s day as st pattys day!

It’s either St Patrick’s day or Paddy’s day!

This coming from a proud Irishman!!!


So what are you doing for st patty’s day?


Street Padricks day


This has been driving me crazy all day.

Patty is a woman’s name, and is Marge’s sister…


Thank you!


St Patty




Too damn funny


Any good matchups this weekend, or is everyone doing their own thing trying to make sure they get the invite