War of Champions Announcement


If you were actually good at the game then you would like this event.


@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely if I join my faction Saturday and they qualify will I be included? Am on transfer CD until then


Yup, but specifically the line “I’m just a poor boy nobody loves me”


Nothing to do with being good. This event is strictly a cash grab by scopley.


and also e pen event for top facs


Fixed dat.

Apart from understanding game mechanics and team builds, you can only be as good as what you’re able to use.


Complaints abound. It’s what we do.


More like if you coin and spend.




OP says this is an AoW in a temporary “Champions Region” and then says all other regions will have a war event. That sounds more like an AoW rather than CRW weekend. Get your expectations set appropriately.

/just saying


But we know you and you 11 mates will take everyone winning wars in 1 min all weekend long. So no one else should bother :joy:


We won’t qualify for the top 40 because it’s saint patty’s day this weekend and most of us will be out partying. Already have 5 players not warring this weekend and everyone else is limited including me.


I wanna see that Olympics
100m done in 5 seconds, 40m high jumps, marathons in 1 hour flat!

u can take drugs the best!


@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @GR.Scopely @ForumAdmin @TayTron

I’m sure others have asked but we need more clarity on this… let’s say a faction wins crw but doesn’t want to go or only half the faction wants to go… Can you pick up players while you’re there or is it a All In or all-out kind of thing??

I could see a couple top factions winning crw and qualifying for the event… then merging with another top faction to try and compete with other spenders lol… Assuming individuals get the key and not the faction.
:man_shrugging:t4: Just throwing that out there.


So, if I’m reading this right…some regions are not eligible for inbound transfers and anyone from those regions that participates will not be able to go back to their region?

So is this whole thing designed to get top factions in weak regions…and who easily win all events in that region without having to spend a lot…OUT of those regions and into more competitive regions where they will need to spend more to stay competitive? And maybe therefore forcing other factions in their new regions to also spend more?


Ah so the excuses coming b4 hand lol yesterday it was you will spend whatever it takes


This whole thing is about money…every aspect of it. Im still waiting for the prizes that they are gonna call amazing and the last place faction gets radios and watches and some pull on a wheel with barker.
They dont even have all the match ups correct they skipped a number and apparently left some out. So at this point there wont even be 40 like stated


Not an excuse Look on the calendar it’s saint patty’s weekend. This is the only time of the year when you can drink all day.
Why don’t you go write a novel


Why is st Patty’s day the only day you can drink all day? Why can’t yoi drink all day on any Sunday? Are the bars closed?


Where i am, Saint patty’s day is the only time we start drinking at 7:00 Am and go for the whole day if you can make it.
Best time of the year for college students!