War of Champions Announcement


May the trash talk commence!



Someone needs to livecast the <1min battles/sprints.


I would love to take part in this war but alas I haven’t spent enough money, and that’s the only reason I’m not aloud to take part in this event, not through effort just plain and simple Money sad


Look again it’s 179


If you want to participate in the event, join a faction that goes hard and competes. You don’t need to have spent money, all it takes is stocking cans, coins and putting in effort. It’s based on the faction, not the individual. Make yourself stand out from others and be recruited into a top faction.


F2p are finally getting what they want. Top factions will be out of the crw next war… I don’t understand what the problem is?


I highly doubt factions that rank 1st in their 8 region-big groups aren’t composed of 30 spenders…


They really should come up with a new event for spenders … oh wait that’s every event on this game currently


Once it’s all sorted and we know who the top 40 factions are, the leaders of said factions should make a pact there’s no coining whatsoever during the tournament. this way we will find out who is the fastest and most prolific team and scopely will get sweet f_all from it. you’re welcome.


Here’s my prediction for when the Champion’s League prizes are announced:

  • Prizes are underwhelming: Complaints from people who are invited to the Champion’s League that prizes are crap and not worth the effort and coins. Everyone will say Scopely sucks.
  • Prizes are super awesome: Complaints from people who are not invited to the Champion’s League that Scopely caters to whales and there is even more of a gap between whales and F2P. Everyone will say Scopely sucks.
  • Prizes are fair and even: Complaints from people who are invited that the prizes are barely worth it and need a buff or else they won’t take part next time. Complaints from people who are not invited that the prizes are OP and should be given to everyone. Everyone will say Scopely sucks.


So my faction wont be in it but I’m curious if scopely will be watching for the cheaters/hackers during this best of best tournament. Doesnt seem fair if they allow weapons that dont exist.


^ This (smth like 7 char)


You think you’re being clever but Scopely are cleverer. This was predicted for onslaught, so Scopely removed prizes altogether lol


And the crowd goes mundane.


I just don’t understand the second one…

F2P: “Why don’t the whales go to one region and fight in CRW so we can have a chance at better prizes in CRW”

Scopely: “Great idea, imagine all the money we can make by putting the “top 40” teams into one region. Might even get the mild spenders to coin more in regular crw since they have a chance to win”

F2P: “Yes, we finally get a CRW without the whales, BUT why is it fair that they get exclusive prizes?”

I don’t get what anyone would expect if their original idea actually occurred?


Prizes are Pride and Bragging Rights

OK, take my CC info and take as much $$$ as you want.


Anyone else keep hearing Queen when they read the title of the thread?



Any of the below are a more fitting title:

Moms credit card of champions event

Can’t pay my mortgage champions event

Debt is great champions event

Digital toons for real money Champions event

Don’t have a life champions event


I would prefer “P2P is killing the game championship”

Work on that for me


Such negativity.
tsk tsk