War of Champions Announcement


Hard work is it’s own reward. Well… that and the spirit of competition.

What reward could possibly represent the inevitable time/money sink required to be at or near the top?


One minute?

Na na na na na na na na Bullshít!
(sung to the Batman theme tune)


Its totally possible to get towers, beat 8 teams, and win a match in 1 min :joy: and scopley is the best gaming company ever too. Oh and theres a unicorn flying over my house right now… (in case not understood this is complete sarcasm)


Sounds like you could do it in 45 seconds if you didn’t waste time on towers. Get good


@JB.Scopely , developers should open the rest of the regions and let players transfer before this weekend CRW. Players from soon to be opened regions will be at a disadvantage if they are on transition to join factions from the older regions. By default or your terms of condition, the new bunch of players that are set to join older regions’ factions are not allowed to participate in war of the champions which is unfair.

  1. Open the planned region transfers for Newberry, Abbeville, Marlboro, Mccormick, Kershaw and many more before the CRW this weekend.

  2. Proceed as planned on schedule but allow the above new region players to also participate in the war of champions when they joined the new factions in older regions.

Please consider this seriously.


Is this similar to " if we can beat a Faction once, we can beat them everytime, but we just choose not to"?
If so I can guess your faction :yum::yum:


Most of the concerns mentioned here are accurate and could cause a serious problem, factions not showing, factions not fighting due to the inevitable known top ranks at end of war, reward brckets…etc. imo this is a bit too late for such build and i think a better build should be prepared as the current matching system will fall into the same routine as any other war.

Maybe something like below could shake things up?
A bracket containing 32 factions (16 from each side same as a world cup or playoffs bracket)

  • Knockout tournament - winner of best of 3 wins the matchup but a given player from a faction can only play 1 war in each matchup - it will consolidate more who is a better Group and who plans and communicates best rather than who relies on 4 or 5 players. Its called who is the best “faction” right? That ensures the participation of 24 members giving the faction options and space if some players are unavailable.

it can be built with time limits for matchups to ensure elimination of dragging or not queuing with penalties (loosing a war and rewards) to the faction not queuing or something like that.

PS: i dont think this idea can be dragged to be a weekend event cause numbers of total wars are limited which is why im pretty sure scopely wont do it even if everyone here liked it.

Imo this will get more interest from all factions if rewards are well built ofcorse.


So what about everyone else, ok so the Whale factions get something they want and new, what does everyone else get, just because you all spent more than us doesn’t mean you’ve been playing longer or put more effort into the game, just seems like Scopely is sucking up to P2W leaving the F2P community with nothing as per usual IMO


Walker horde


I was thinking more glitches seeing as they will put all there resources into making this cash cow :smile:


i think aow will be for all regions not just the battling ground region, who knows though ?


Lol. There is a shopping list of them but at least they have brought out a F2P and P2W feature side-by-side


There are only 28 CRW groups. 30 winners will not be


True definitely can’t knock that :smile:


Wrong. There are actually only 27 CRW Groups. Seems like Group 22 got skipped:


I cant wait for this amazing whale event a69


We made it 63 comments before this golden joke/statement came out. I’m proud of the community. Figured it would be a top ten if not top five


What if it’s a 6* opaf version of 5* Kate that can only be obtained by participating :open_mouth:


A blog isn’t going to do this any justice, marquee matches need tales of the tape. This faction dislikes this other faction because they spell color with a u!

Scopely, enter this bloodbath as team number 41!

Top team fights you guys like the player fights akuma in the old street fighter
(the reference https://goo.gl/images/xM3D5P) Scopely slides into the fight

you lose, your gone, no infinite life


Why all the transferring between regions? If you can match region v region in CRW why can’t you do the same without special keys etc?

Although as my region is not open it doesn’t affect me either way. It just seems like scopely are making this way too complicated for themselves and their player base and not motivating players in new regions.