War of Champions Announcement


Sounds cool and all but there has to be amazing rewards to fill all 40 slots or many of the 1st place factions that qualify simply wont go. Because i guarantee you that there will only be 2 or 3 factions that really believe they have a chance for 1st in this champions war.
They need to say the rewards as soon as possible. Even as soon as this Friday. If the rewards are so good then it will encourage all mid top factions to go hard this weekend to qualify. Not sure if i made sense, i have been drinking lol


They are waiting for all the top facs to transfer over before revealing how awful the rewards are lol :joy:
It would be hillarious if only MH and AP showed up for the event and the rest don’t bother LMAO :joy:


Top faction gets a all new 3 star Amy who is a decap


Sounds pretty lame :man_shrugging:


The rewards have to be absoutely amazing if this has to succeed. Even if you take the number 1’s from all the groups, theres a huge difference in strength between them.
At top you’ll have MH/SB and AP against whom no one else will fight. Next tier will be a bunch of 4-5 factions of like TTT, MOFOS etc who will beat everyone below.
The last 15 odd factions will feel like how an f2p faction feels against a whale team during CRW. Now if you want them to risk it, entice them with a really great bracket of rewards, else the events going to fail I am afraid!


The only winner in this spenders championship will be scopely.


And my faction


:man_shrugging: whatever helps ya troll at night, dude.


The last thing i am is a troll, I’m just a confident person and recruited a lot of heavy hitters who i believe can compete against anyone.


Have fun blowing your wad on planned obsolescence.


a tea party full of dolls and imaginary friends don’t count.


Keep the hate coming, you guys are gonna be shocked. Even if we lose to ap or mh every match, i think we can still win with the strategy our faction has and the speed.


I dont hate the player. I hate the game. :joy:


So you will be finishing matches faster than AP / MH when facing all other teams?

Let us know of your team name so we can screenshot and time your wins.


Can’t hate someone who embarrasse himself on a daily.




What will be the rewards???


I kept my identity on here a secret and since I’m the leader of my faction you’ll find out who and what faction I’m in when this thing is over on top of the leaderboard.
We have 11 players that if we can all get in the same war queue, we can finish matches in a minute.


We also have been farming cans after we secured first so the points we score doesn’t reflect how good we really are.


Top factions will dumping players left and right bitching global chat should be interesting next few days lol let chaos in sue lol chat filter lol

if they don’t mess up with rewards this could be a good thing because bragging rights are just like your raid rank pointless.