War of Champions Announcement


Williamsburg? Sounds like a newer region


Seems like the newer regions are at the bottom of the crw matchups and have AOW.


I just want to see some surprises happen like factions from foreign regions no one talks about that show up. Surely MH and AP are not the ENTIRE GAME OF TWD RTS best of best.


Yeah, no info on prizes so is the coinfest championship weekend going to be worth it?


And any #2 faction that believes they are a number one can move to knock another out.

No selection system is perfect. But they are clearly trying to keep the tourament group small to ensure match up opportunities are high.

In all actuality they need to close alot of Regions and consolidate.


Agreed on closing regions


If everyone was smart, let AP and MH go and everyone else stays home. I cannot even imagine the coining :joy:


What if you get a special 6s for participating.


Because this guarantees (or at least tweaks the scales towards) a slightly different set of 40 factions each time they run this event, rather than the same 40 factions that consistently score the highest.


Only thing that I think can make this worth it will be unique toons for the rewards. That’s what made the game so enticing was when wars gave a unique toon.

I think the fight would rage even more out of control if they did this.


Meh. Still not worth the coining that will no doubt happen. Give me $5. I’ll give tou a dollar back. No questions.:joy:


Come on Scopely, stop hinting at what you want. Just make it the top 40 factions based on who spent the most in the upcoming CRW (you know you want to). Then make sure you pay close attention to this new event and have a zero tolerance policy for cheating and disqualify their whole faction. Next, bait this trap really well.


coinwars should be called this.


For some reason I have a feeling this’ll be a shitshow. There is such a quantum leap in quality (that is, money spent and money willing to be spent) from the top 5 facs to the top 10 to literally every other whale fac in the game that there’s not really going to be any competition for the other 30-35.

So in this weekend’s CRW we may see the kind of sandbagging going on in Leagues since the coin changes - deliberately underperform to be guaranteed not to qualify for this, then easily mop up the 1st place rewards from the CRW filled with the rest of the plebs.
Unless the reward for 40th outstrips 1st in a regular CRW by a long way, but that may not be instantly apparent (and would be hilarious if it was 1/10th of a pull for a wheel containing yellow Barker and the like). Of course ego often overrides logic, so who knows.


Scopelys long-standing profit model. Nailtit.


This is true. But alot of scoring is clearing weaker groups the fastest.

Presumably these 40 would also have signicantly better teams than what we face in a typical CRW. So this change in pace will also impact the scoring potential for groups and cause separation.

Overall not a huge deal as long as the top 40 are appropriately awarded for the contest. Since it’s #1 placed factions, anything less than the #1 place rewards for the last place faction would be a huge miss.


And who exactly would get this? Let us all think, really, really, hard. :man_shrugging: More power to the ‘top’ folks. They get what they pay for, well, sorta. Scopes is cheap to all of us, that’s for sure.

I guess the “see who runs” question will be answered once and for all.


The Championsssssssssssssssss! (I like it if you read it singing)


I really like this idea. Top facs have been trying to nut out who is the best for ages. Now this is it! Hope that all you guys who participate get something nice - there should be unique things rewarded even for being a part of it. And no… I won’t be involved but think if you’re fighting for the top and an exclusive event you should get something to match.


I doubt they’ll get unique war rewards but they’ll likely have a wheel of only 2nd gen toons for prizes to bait the factions to spend.