War of Champions Announcement


The assumption is the tougher groups will have higher scores. MH came second but had highest score of any other groups, that i saw at least


Right, but perhaps a winning faction doesn’t have a higher score than say the 11th second place…


Here is your 150 war tokens. Keep surviving.


New players to faction cant participate in the event… hope all the factions have the players they want or dont have retirements… or even peeps who may not be as available during that time


This is like the college playoffs. No matter how you slice this, faction 41 will complain they should be in there


That’s very true… I wonder if one of the forty doesn’t want to go, if they then invite the 41st. I guess not… also, very surprised you can’t add new players.


Don’t think the 41st team would know…I don’t see a scoreboard for all the war totals.


Is what it is. Rewards the contributing memebera instea for bringing in Mercs. Also the faction doesn’t have to go if they don’t want to leave a new player behind. I’m really unphased by this and i will tell you why, i have ZERO hopes the prizes are worth it. That’s a fact


Wise as always… yea I can’t see many regions joining. Will be like the top 8.


War isn’t up yet? Also they will announce the 40, you can look and see faction 40s name and find their score and compare. Don’t need a board. Information travels in this game


All these faction should get a unique ascendable… but knowing scopely theyd screw that up and give the clearly superior toon to the wrong ranking


They have a tab for that never seen anyone wars scores but my own team and a few that brag…


They also ran a leader board on forums for a war in the past. But all you need to do is ask questions, have a couple alts in other regions and find it yourself


This is very interesting. But I will suggest the following:

  1. We all know there are well known the super power factions. I think they shall exempt from the #1 in CRW and directly invited to the champion wars. Certainly they, say, need to score more than 10M points in 3/15 CRW. This will enable them to play Head 2 Head in 3/15 CRW without losing the chance to play the Champion War.
  2. Can Scopely contacts the factions leaders that a live stream at youtube can be provided for some super power factions? I really want to see how they play the war.
  3. A MVP of the Champion War. It shall be voted by the participants. (May be 50% mark by voting, 50% mark by score?) Some special rewards or title shall be awarded to that player.


I’ve warred for less.


Ask @Slyest he made a list from last crw.



… Could this be what truly kicks off ‘The Wanderers’?

The 30 most blood thirsty mercenaries all in one place for a single purpose.

Im gonna need to ponder this…


According to sly’s faction ranking list by top scores, the lowest ranking first place team finished in 117th place… your telling me they get the automated bid over everyone else (they did have a good record tho)


Lmao, are they even able to transfer ?


The only good thing I see coming from this is:
Wow, a megazilliongabillion coins will be used, yay scopely cha-$-ching brilliant!

Hopefully, this means the rest of us get a Crw and can move up a few ranks to get just a tad better prize.

I honestly hope they reward all 40 factions properly tho or this will be the biggest flop they created yet. Flop= egg on the players face, cause scopely gonna make bank off this, regardless!