War of Champions Announcement

On 4/5/19 - 4/7/19, we have an exciting new event coming to sort out which factions really are the best of the best. We’re pleased to announce the War of Champions!

War of Champions is an invite-only event that will pit top factions against each other in All Out War. These top factions will duke it out for exciting new rewards and the glory of being known as the top Road to Survival faction.

How to Qualify for War of Champions

During the upcoming Cross-Region War on 3/15/19 (matchups found here), all factions will have the opportunity to qualify for War of Champions. Factions can qualify for War of Champions in two ways:

  1. Your faction ranks in the #1 spot within your CRW grouping during the 3/15 Cross Region War.
  2. If your faction is not in the #1 spot in your CRW grouping, your faction can still qualify for War of Champions by being in the top 10 for most points scored during the 3/15 Cross Region War.

There will be a total of 40 factions who will qualify for the event:

  • 27 factions who are #1 in their CRW group ranking
  • 13 factions who are not #1 in their CRW grouping, but score the most points during the CRW (across all regions)

How War of Champions Works

On 4/5/19, we will open an exclusive War of Champions Region that will host the War of Champions event. Once the region has been opened, qualifying factions can choose to transfer into the region to participate in this event. Once the War ends, players will be given a transfer key to transfer back to their original region.

We’ll be providing more details on rewards in the coming weeks.

Important notes:

  • War of Champions will be an 8v8 All Out War
  • Players in qualifying Factions (based on the Qualifying event described above) will receive a free transfer key and exclusive transfer access to the War of Champions exclusive region
  • After the War of Champions is over, a free one time Region Transfer key will be provided to all players who participated so they can transfer back to their original region.
  • No other events will be scheduled after the War of Champions on this region, so please ensure that you transfer off the region after the event.
  • Players must be on an outbound-transfer-enabled region to be eligible to participate.
  • Players on regions that are not inbound-transfer-enabled (for example low population regions) may not be able to return to their origin region, as these will not be re-enabled for inbound transfer after War of Champions.
  • War of Champions rank results will be shared via the in-game blog and on our forums.
  • Only players who are members of a qualifying faction at the time of the 3/15/19 War will be able to participate in the War of Champions. If you add new faction members after qualifying for the War of Champions the new members will not be able to participate.
  • All 40 factions that qualify for the War of Champions will be announced shortly after the conclusion of the 3/15 CRW.
  • Keep in mind that the information listed in this post is subject to change. There may be details that change as we get closer to the War of Champions.

We will see you on the battlefield. Good luck, Champions!

[UPDATE 3/14 3:30PM PST]

  • During the War of Champions weekend there will also be War happening on all other regions
  • Qualifying factions/players who transfer into the War of Champions region to participate in the tournament will not be subject to the standard 10-day region transfer cooldown and will be able to transfer to another region immediately after the tournament ends (assuming that region accepts inbound transfers).

[UPDATE 3/15 11:45AM PST]

  • Qualification for War of Champions is tied directly to a players account (not their faction). If your faction qualifies for War of Champions and you leave your faction (after qualifying) you will still be able to join the War of Champions region and participate.


List of Regions that will not have inbound transfers enabled

NOTICE: Qualifying players and factions that transfer into the War of Champions region from the below regions will NOT be able to transfer back into their region at the end of the tournament.

Appling (EN)
Barbour (EN)
Bedford (繁体)
Calhoun (EN)
Colquitt (TR)
Crisp (KO)
Dale (EN)
Dillon (EN)
Dodge (KO)
Douglas (KO)
Early (PT)
Echols (EN)
Emanuel (PT)
Evans (PT)
Fannin (PT)
Florence (PT)
Floyd (EN)
Hancock (TR)
Kershaw (EN)
Lexington (ES)
Lumpkin (PT)
McCormick (EN)
Newberry (EN)
Oconee (PT)
Roswell (PT)
Seminole (EN)
Tattnall (EN)
Toombs (PT)
Towns (TR)
Twiggs (PT)
Washington (EN)
Wayne (PT)
Williamsburg (RU)


Hell to the yes.


Amy word on rewards?

Gonna need minimum value the same as a #1 placement or factions won’t show up.


So what happens to the rest of us during march madness rts crw weekend?


3 day level up. Sad lol


War tokens for a stash that includes Tough Shane, Yumi, Fast Negan and Barker.


Rewards are probably bragging rights, smelling salts and a 3* axel to go with it, by Scopely standards.


:joy: :joy: This will be a serious coining event. Scopely can’t wait, suckas.

Honestly though, it won’t be fun, nonstop coining and constant hr long matches.

We already know who are the top 3 or 4 factions. The other remaining top factions won’t even try vs MH and AP, what’s the point?

Unfortunately, this is a little too late imo. :man_shrugging:t4:


So will there be a cool down of 10 days once we transfer to the special region? Or can we leave after the AOW has concluded

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Nice… pit whales against each other in a separate region so I can get better prizes for tournaments by doing less work :slight_smile: best event ever.


That is a lot of pancake money scopely will be making in April :pancakes: :money_mouth_face: :moneybag:



Well it is taking place only 4 days after april fools :smirk:


So, being in Fairfield, which is NOT open for transfer, my faction getting first is useless according to these “requirements”… We would be unable to participate. I find that to be absurdly ridiculous.


I don’t know Fairfield situation but I imagine its a young region hence remains locked while the region matures.

I’m sure this won’t be the only of such an event. Hopefully your time will come.

My region is dead. Not even a year old and 75% have retired or want rewards handed to them on a silver platter…

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely why not just do top 40 scores? Certainly strength of CRW groups should be taken into account. Especially if top 10 are fighting each other and coming in second and so on.


The assumption is the tougher groups will have higher scores. MH came second but had highest score of any other groups, that i saw at least