War not working!

@GR.Scopely @LadyGeek @TayTron
Mid war, we get the “Connecting” part, and nothing else works…
Awesome job. :expressionless:


Robertson all disconnected not getting in game

Same for Conecuh…

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Same in Jenkins

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I got booted out of the game entirely… Now I can’t get back in. WTF!!!

Same in Wilkinson

Same in Elmore

Same in Chatham

At least Iran not just me :roll_eyes:

Can we please have one damn wsr without bugs

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Same in forsyth

Same here Putnam

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Same in Marion

Here, I’ll answer quicker than Scopely: “Hellz NO!”.

Candler dead in action

I’m stuck on loading page :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

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Same in Decatur

Same for talladega. SCOP ! How can you be so bad, unbelievable…

scopley’s response…working as intended. LOL

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