War no tower 15char

Hi survivors ( like the man on the video)

Is That really true there is no tower this week-end ?

Oh god i hope not

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Ds le baba

Yes it’s True. NO TOWERS this CRW

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Yes, so nothing different from other wars.

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Just stop with the first April events . Seriously . We don’t pay for that s…

Why are you telling me you don’t like April Fool’s joke’s?

I don’t work for Scopely. I’m just another player.

It happen once or twice in the 5* era that the towers had no use at all. It proved to be an interesting experience. You’ll get to see who in your faction is good and who is not. There is nowhere to hide.

I mean if we are calling it “No Help Here” then the general 20% defense boost should be gone too. Most wars have such lackluster towers that they don’t come into play for a lot of people. The loss of tower points is a bit of a downer.


Pretty much, will be fun to see people who suck

Well, that 20% def will defo change the usual raiding. Might not be a fast warafter all.

But the general defense boost is a normal part of every war. Won’t make any more difference than it usually would.

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This is going to suck

Yep, now no towers no chances for getting that extra war can energy…I always play towers that’s how I get most of my cans…now it’s gone and probably the drop rate will suck it too.


If we’re calling it ‘No Help Here’, I might just not sign up and carry my faction.

They didn’t find that funny either


I personally like no towers :slight_smile: less rng and your teams perform exactly according to how strong they are. Hope they do this more often!


And what about instead 15 seconds repair, a 15 seconds energy refill…
And without towers to tackle, people will start attacking with other the second the siege start.

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I also ghost the towers for cans… Guess not this time


I don’t like it. I see a very loooonnnnggggg weekend. It’s worse than raids. At least raiding can be fun. This war is anything but fun.

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