War Milestones Upgrade


I’m not sure if someone has already made a post similar to this, if so please add it to that one.

Would it be possible to include an extra milestone of 200k for wars, this way the people who keep going after they hit 100k don’t feel like they are wasting cans for no reason. The milestone reward can be something worthwhile too like Aden(s), Benedict(s), and possibly even gold tokens, even though people don’t like gold tokens as main rewards, it would fit perfectly for a milestone.

This will make the game more competitive, people will actually buy cans to make the final milestone.


Bumpty bump.


@kalishane would it be possible to look into this please?


I agree with this, on the condition that scopely doesn’t remove the lowest bracket to compensate as they’ve been doing with other tournaments. Keep all the brackets, keep the reward for work level the same, just add more brackets for the exceptional few.


Hell no. I got over 100k in 3 regions this past weekend. Shows that I really need a life lol


I hit 350k milestone for my faction, and several others hit 400k and even 500k. Would be nice to get extra milestones rewards for such dedication.


I would be fine with them removing 1k, you should easily be able to score 5k in wars. But I would prefer if they kept it for the extra rewards lol. They should add in a 250k milestone and make it 10k gold tokens or something around that.