War milestones need upgrade

How about more rewards for war points.
consistently scoring over 200k top milestone 100k
They raised milestones every where else
Why not for war


The trick is to stop after you get the 100k and enjoy the rest of your weekend


be careful what you suggest - scopeley will not read it as “keep the milestone rewards as they are and add more and better rewards for higher milestones” they will read it as “make that one Lilith a reward for the top milestone - 300k”


There are bad ideas and then there are really bad ideas. This is a really bad idea. Just because you can hit 200k doesn’t mean that the rest of us can. Look at the complaints when other milestones were raised to 2 million. Like someone said above, be happy you hit the final milestone and then take some time off. This game consumes more than enough of our lives already.


Sorry, but hit 100k & take the rest of the weekend off is why you’re not in a top faction getting top rewards which in turn is why you struggle to hit 2m in level ups.

If you are in a top faction & taking it easy after hitting 100k, you need kicking.;

There really needs to be an additional milestone, even if it’s just 2 x Benedict or 2 x Lillith or even a Canteen/GPS.


Stay in a rank 25 faction, friend. Scoring 200k+ is not for all of us.

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Hey bud, if you want to whore yourself to this game for the entire weekend and hit 2m in every levelup be my guest, dosen’t mean everyone else has to ¯_(ツ)_/¯. It’s honestly not healthy


I agree that there should be more milestones for people to hit.
I disagree that the ones we do have should be increased, which is how the OP reads to me.

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You don’t have to play all weekend to hit 200k.
Keep milestones we have just add another
I don’t watch tv and it is freezing outside

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I’m not in a top faction because I don’t want to be in a top faction if that is the price I have to pay. Supposedly this is a game, not a way of life. You sound like a fanatic.


I would agree to better update the battle boxes, we need lili, not basic chips, they should create wheel or roulette of 6 * !!!
and if not all can reach 200 thousand, if only you think about the high factions they will arrive but the means and the losses ???

yo estaría de acuerdo en mejor actualizar las cajas de guerra, necesitamos lili, no fichas básicas, deberían crear rueda o ruleta de 6*!!!
y si no todos pueden llegar a 200 mil, si solo piensas en las facciones altas ellos llegaran pero las medias y las bajas???

我同意更好地更新战斗箱,我们需要利利,而不是基本的芯片,他们应该创造6 *轮或轮盘赌!

I would absolutely love if they had resetable milestones, i.e you get your 100k then you go thru the same rewards again

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This times 1,000. After you get milestones, you could then try for “additional” milestones.

Make it happen scopley please

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This is so bloody true… We are scared to ask them because they’ll turn us around and bum us.

Scopely - mobile gaming’s answer to drive-thrus

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The devs have already said they can’t add more milestones. It is set at five. But I’m sure they can change the milestones if people really really want to do 100k for a Burt.

Can we not break the things that don’t need fixing and fix the things that are broken instead? Thanks.

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Its not like an extra set of wheels on a car, what kind of “developers” cannot develop their game?

Oh yeah…


Not really, I take the kids to visit family at the weekends, take them to the park/cinema/restaurant & I go to watch football most weekends. I spend time with my wife & sleep well, but the times in between I still manage to hit 150/200k in most wars.

I’m not even in the top 5 top scores in my faction, but when war is on I find time to help them stay #1

It is just a game, but surely the aim of the game should still be to try & win?

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