War Milestones and Reward Changes?

Dear @GR.Scopely , I wrote you but still ain’t callin’
I left my email, my region, and my account code at the bottom
I sent two tickets back in autumn, you must not-a got ‘em
There probably was a walker in the server room or somethin’
Sometimes I scribble screenshots too sloppy when I shot 'em
But anyways, keep on surviving, what’s been up?

For real though, are there any plans in the very near future to ditch these war tokens and rotting heads the majority of the player base has no use for?


I’m literally warring for a gps and a canteen

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For real. I know some people are probably slacking on the rotting heads, but come on. Toon wheel should just be cards for s class.

What’s your evidence that the majority have no use for them? Judging by the number of Kapoor I see that are nowhere near T4, a lot of people need more heads.


Ditto no reason to get more than 100k except to help faction

Sure I could dig a little deeper, make a spreadsheet and run statistics, but I am going off of is all the cowboy hat wearing Kapoors I’m seeing this war. Which led me to assume, that many people, even F2P, that even care about the game would have gotten enough heads already.

need to remember that new players and regions to the game will be needing him still - factions in aow instead of crw would benefit a lot from him and it takes time for new players to max him out.

If they added another museum collection where rotten heads could be turned in for gear then we would be getting somewhere in my opinion

Players would have the choice of rotten heads for kapoor or gear for another toon, or of course war tokens


Nope. 7 chars

Didn’t think of that aspect, but you have a good point and solid idea.

Sure that would make sense.
Like someone else suggested a war store. You get war tokens and you can exchange them for anything from gear to heads to pulls.


they should all be war tokens but have a war store like leagues for them to be used for either pull tokens, heads, gear, trainers or crafting parts for 5* weapon


Many, sure, but that’s not most. I haven’t done a spreadaheet, but I’d gues only 10% or so of the ones I’ve seen wear a hat. Obviously depends on your CRW bracket (and I have no idea what F2P has to do with it).

I’d also assume that many people who looked at the exchange rate only used the 5-head boxes for Kapoor and the others for war tokens (The placement boxes give a lot less war tokens per head). I missed the last two milestones in the first war with heads, and got all the other ones since then, and had enough for the last head early this war. (Now I just need to remember to keep an extra head in case I ever want to actually claim Kapoor).

Thinking Link had it right. I didn’t consider newer regions who may still need the heads. Still leaves people who rock out each war somewhat punished for playing too much as the heads are currently useless along with most of the toons for the war tokens @DrJank

Don’t know, I’d take Alice or Raven tbh, I just don’t want to risk getting Dale or Alpha. And I’m pretty sure there’s lots of people who don’t have them yet but would benefit.

And you’re not really punished, you’re just gettng things you might not need - but I’d assume there have been previous war wheels where you didn’t need many or all of the toons (yellow Kal? Jeremiah? etc).

I like @Link’s idea of exchanging heads for extra gear, though really, it should probably just be war tokens that get exchanged for gear - that way I could actually open the boxes, rather than keep them around to see if my gear runs out before I want to pull or not. I already have way over a hundred S-class choice boxes, and probably 200+ gear choice boxes in my inventory (still doing the spreadsheet for those). Everything that helps me get at least a little bit of order into the catastrophic mess that choice boxes caused, or helps me cut down the time I spend in a spreadsheet instead of in game, is highly welcome.

Nice ‘Stan’ reference

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New phone not letting me quote right now for some reason… anyhow @DrJank and @Link, you make valid points about newer regions and less active (probably majority are in this bracket) players still need rotting heads.
However it would be easily solved if they changed the boxes to 5xheads 10xwar tokens and 20xchoice of collectables. That extra option would help a lot more players. And since you need 10x more collectables to get an Sclass than you do war tokens for a war token toon, 20 collectables isn’t a huge amount.

or a lot of people don’t care to upgrade kapoor.

I’d really like to not see even more collectibles handed out, the rate at which people get these things is pretty ridiculous. :frowning:

Also, at 30 box C in milestones, that’s as much as you would get from winning the whole thing.

@JimmyWopo I can understand people thinking he’s bad, but if you’re using him, not upgrading him does not seem like a good idea.

Exactly, so actual participation and effort will count more than placement, which is exactly how it should be. A player playing 1 war in a top faction shouldn’t get more than a player who achieves all milestones.

I’m all for that (years of hitting all milestones every war and never getting a war pull…), but the numbers seem way too high.

There’s also the (legitimate, I think) point that getting all milestones in a top faction is harder than elsewhere.