War Milestone - Thanks


Much improved. @JB.Scopely

Thanks for the additional value for individual contributors

  • mods
  • trainers
  • gear

Hopefully we see the mid-low ranking rewards for crw improve in the future but for now credit where credit due.


I think the rewards were great :+1: definitely a big improvement over the last few months people are always complain that’s how it is. These guys wanna log in a couple times during a weekend for a short time and get top rewards that will never happen .


I for one appreciated the 200k milestone
Even if I did get crappy mods
I got a canteen and gps
I asked for higher milestones a year ago and all I got for feedback was
Get a life lol


The milestones were definitely better than the actual war rewards for me. And the extra 200k milestone was much appreciated even if all 4 mods I got was garbage lol :joy:


Yep really good move shame those 6 gold mods were as expected rubbish


Agreed, milestones were a great improvement. Placement rewards are still shocking but milestones much appreciated. Towers were good too.


Agree with the milestones part.
They should increase it even more, even to like a million points just for kicks. Not that I would I reach it but it gives players a reason to keep playing (spending money) so it’s a win win for all parties.
Some people just hit milestones and stop playing


I am lovin the new milestone structure war and level up are great


I personally didn’t make it to 200k but the rewards for that milestone looked great. Definitely need more like that.


This is a ploy to get your gullible minds off everything else that is wrong with RTS…It’ll go back to normal in the next war.

Stay Sucker Free!



We do know the difference between milestones and rewards right? Agreed that milestones were great, rewards no, me yes. I agree, thanks for better ms


Some people just like to complain I suppose. Two sets of canteen gps, six gold mods, and a bunch of Liliths is a major improvement on milestones


Yeah I agree.

Think all we are staying is there was a big improvement in milestones.
It was a lot better.

I see nothing wrong with OP’s message


loved the change shows who’s active and your true teamplayers.


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