War milestone buffs

Could someone explain to me how these milestone buffs are suppose to work? I haven’t seen any kind of buff in milestones through this whole God awful TOC event.

League points

Facts is wrrr…wrrrrr…wrrrrrrong Again.

Buff is supposed to be on prizes u receive in milestones compared to other non toc region doing the same events.
For ex…an extra Lilith…

But…after the first week it seemed like there was less of a noticeable buff

They added the word “some” to the boost. So only “some” milestones are buffed. For example, the league tokens. But they won’t buff special collection items such as the anniversary balloons or the torches. That’s why they look the same. Convenient for them no?

There is a percentage increase to milestones. For example right now there is a 75% increase if you’d get 10000 league tokens 1 lilith and 1 GPS now you’d get 17500 tokens 2 liliths and 2 gps

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