War matchups need fixed

Not to you marty some hiding in wave 2 playing with newbies need to come up to wave 1 instead of hiding back there taking rewards off new factions trying to make it

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If league based, they need to make rewards significantly better and inciting at the top end compared to lower leagues to prevent whales from creating their own factions and taking over lower league wars


Also have to consider 8v8 & 6v6. If it was leagues based they’d have to force active, low wave diamond factions to go 8v8 to put in matchups. I’m sure many wouldn’t want that.

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This entire game needs fixing from top to bottom.


Ok lol I ended up getting stuck in wave 1 at the very beginning which kinda helped me stay on top of my game til trader came out lol

Hey I love wave 2 plenty of Whales here, never moved and never will unless forced🤗

Most of us are 4year players (shame on us):joy:

I couldn’t take the 6v6 wars

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