War matchups lopsided again

Once we faced We Are One… and now even better factions qt war in this region. We faced every top 10 faction in this CRW… several times. I will post their win streaks, lastly our own. But keep in mind, look at how many times we tried and still didn’t quit! That’s a good reason to love a faction!


We are Ashes Of The Phoenix

We don’t often hear from people outside top 5 factions, so thanks for keeping the rest of us in the know.

Lower factions would benefit from having their own separate pool of exclusively similar ranked ones. Keep it even for them.


They do.

Match making does attempt to match weaker factions with weak factions.

The issue is that the game’s classification of weak and strong is broken. For example, Lee - this shitty casual 6★ we all got during Telltale earlier this year is consider better than Blue Carl. Things like that cause seemingly weak factions to appear strong. Needs fixing.

It’s pretty insane. I barely played this CRW at all. We had been rank 103 for a while pulling some of the top 15 a lot. But then when we actually suggest scopely implement better match making the same people enjoying this are the ones in the top 15. They love hitting seals but give them a taste of real competition all they do is bitch and whine.

I am mostly f2p. So is most of my faction. War used to be my favorite part of the game. I am ranked only about 70 and been playing for about 6 months total. But most of our people are not as high as ranked. One girl over 2700. Luckily for me making friends on this game has turned out to be even the best part. And Scopely can’t mess with that lol.

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