War matchups are too lopsided

In this war in our region. We have been matched up with EXTREMELY lopsided opponents. There are theories where it Is based upon team grade. Upon roster. Reputation. We have been matched up with a faction close to 1 million rep and both generals were reputation zero. We have been matched up with a faction with 2.7 million. We lasted a few minutes. We are about 240 K. I think maybe this might be a good solution… Base matchups on event rank? Like actual tournaments and competition is based. The way it is now is VERY much not working. Thoughts?

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My idea for matchmaking would be… that you only face factions 10-15 places away from u. So 1 only matches with top 15 everyone elses wheelhouse outside the top 15 should be 10-15 places higher 10-15 places lower.

Exactly how real tournament play works. Might need to broaden spectrum. But that’s the idea

All day we have been getting top 15 opponents when we are currently sitting at 41

We were at 140th ranked and faced number 11

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That’s brutal

No way to cover ground either

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And I’m general lol

Hey we are one that faction use to be on my region Condolences

We were ranked 119 facing the number 1 faction in that screenshot. I am surprised it lasted 5 minutes

Who we are facing now.

have empathy for ya nothing you can do but keep rollin

S&B have been the same. Matching OP asf factions ranked top 10 and we’re in 45-50th

You guys are doing good though!

Matchups are based on whatever the company feels like.

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They were 113-0… Now 114-0

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Wow, that’s just stupid. Should get a few ranks above or below you, not 90 above

We had maybe one or two unfavorable matchups, but other than that, it hasn’t been too bad. I feel for all the peeps that had more than a few lopsided matchups. Hard to hit milestones/goals with that happening.

I think match making for CRW uses the same formula as AOW which is using raids rank. So a faction who is in the top 10 would face each other. Im sure lots of you who are ranked over 50 in CRW right now are in the top 10 in your regions by reputation points.