War matchups are crap this war


They totally suck imo. Hbu?




Yup. We’re rank 6 in our region and rank 40-ish in CRW too. I’ve noticed facs that are lower ranked than us in the region are doing better, probably because they’re getting easier match-ups and more opportunities to farm points.


Rank 30+ faction matching top 10 facs 14 times consecutively, including a region’s #1 faction twice in a row, 3 times in 4 wars? Working as intended, nothing to see here!


Then maybe you aren’t as good as you think. We are ranked 3rd in our region and 6th in CRW.

Matchups are fine. Thanks scopley.


Maybe. Or maybe it’s because we’re the youngest of the 4 regions and getting matched against the rank 2s of other regions :thinking:


We’re currently sitting at 68 and we’ve been matched with the wolves ( currently at 4) 3 times now. We’ve also gotten the 2nd ranked team too. No one in our faction is having fun


This needs to be checked out : / yikes.


or matching the top 5 one after the other for a five match set. rank 10 or so our fac can compete but god damn seeing top 5 every other match or more has had half our fac take breaks over it.


Once again the wolves, this is our 5th matchup with them


This jus started happening this evening…wtf is goin on??


Ours has been all day…namely when i queue yp. its like i murdered a fuxking albatross.


Very next match, honestly I’m fucking done this weekend. Whatever is going on with matchmaking has made this CRW unplayable for us


Similar, we’re usually top 5 in our region. Our regions top fav is leading but we’re 25th and have just moved up to 7th in our region.
Of 37 wars so far (yes only 37) we’ve had 2-4 13 times and 5-10 9 times (our region is 7&8). The other 15 are fairly evenly spread.
This isn’t particularly unusual for us (other than being less active than normal so I actually have all the stats), but I know rank 1 matched 50+ seconds away from us matching rank 2 which is frustrating.


Lol, the matchups are always fine for someone!




Bro, but you have about the same rep…opponents have low strength and it is equal battle. That looks legit to me. The problem with stronger factions is that we are currently #15 with 900K faction reputation and we deal top 5 who have over 1.5M rep. Thats a very big difference.
Rankings doesn’t matter if you deal faction with equal strength, but if opponent is much stronger than you, the fun part of war stops and make you quit eventually.


My faction is rank 1 in CRW, and we faced a rank 81 faction. Made it a quick 4minutes stomp but it felt bad. Especially cuz it was their first war and they only scored 100 points…


This is the worse war my faction have had,we have 10 losses and 8 of those were in 10 mins,in or region we rank around 25 and 80% of our faction have no 6* yet we are facing teams with S4/S5 when 6 players in our teams have S1,it’s so deflating waiting to fill then getting a match and it’s over so quick,seeing other comments on rep we have had worse mainly we have most people under 10k yet face teams with over 20k rep,how can my team achieve milestones when there scoring 100 points and the games over for them as they can’t beat anyone,seriously needs to be looked at I would rather wait for a team who are a match for us than a team who slaughter us.


Scopely need to fix this asap, but they dont care since money keep coming…on this way, war has no fun at all for me too. A lot af ppl feel the same as you and me. Only spenders find it fun…quick wars, no competition.
We cant do much about it…i have stoped participating in wars…i have accepted the fact that i dont get milestones.
Wars will become more and more out of interest for non spenders.