War matchup (with 15 chars)


I’m not listing this under bugs because I’m pretty sure this is expected behaviour.

@TheWalkerDude @CombatDevIl

Long story short: How can we get matched against #1 faction if we are ranking #57 (or worse) and our lineup is not even that strong.

We are ranked #15 in our region. Tbh, we are getting worse as time goes by bc we are not able to fill the slots when someone leaves to a stronger faction. We have done in the past, in fact we have been around for at least two years! Always in similar position (sometimes we fought for #10, others for #20)
But nowadays our region has way less active players than it used to. Already stated that to @kalishane before, and asked about region merging (I know, wishful thinking).
But this is a different problem.

As for war: It’s really frustrating when after waiting 2 hours to fill our team, it takes 20+ minutes to get a match (84 factions have scored so far). And then, you get matched against #1 faction, who is actually wiping everyone else (35-1 so far, hats off to them).

Worse thing, is that our lineup is not even strong, we even have to use two dupe accounts bc we would be waiting forever to fill the war roster.

Lineup was:
#1: rep: 30k rep, S4++ strongest team (using S3++) [this is me]
#2: 23k rep, S4+
#3: 19k rep, S3
#4: 11k rep, s2+
#5: 9k rep, s2+
#6: 1k rep, S4+
#7: 2k, A++
#8: 1k, B++

AFAIK, the system tries to match against a similar faction, then starts widing up the range if it can’t find a good match, so it’s actually possible to get matched against an faction waaay stronger than yours. BUT, something has to be off, I’m not buying there’s no other faction (except #1) searching for those 20+ min.

/Rant over.
I’m a software engineer myself, I know things are not easy to fix and there’s not a perfect solution for anything.
But please, look into it :slight_smile:. (I’d rather wait another 20 min than fight #1 and get 800 points overall for the whole faction).

PS: @other users: please don’t come to tell me we should split or join another faction or some other BS. We know we’re screwed right now, but this is not the point here.


Another question: has the warm-up time been reduced?

3 mins
Maybe a little less

Honestly whatever way you do it there will always be unfair match ups, take myself i am locked in a dead faction atm so have created 5 alts so i can war this weeknd, i am s5+ the rest of my faction is c or b, how am i supposed to get matched ?

If we draw weaker factions it ends like this , where no one can touch my defence

but if we draw strong factions if these were actual players they wouldnt be able to score either,

There is no easy way to sort matchmaking , and top factions should be able to match weaker factions or else they are stuck fighting th same one or two factions, the problem is when they match they havee likely been sitting to fill for less than a min and small factions have been a couple of hours

Yeah I get your point, and I completely agree.
But I feel there should be some hard limit there, or some way not to get matched against a faction that’s completely out of our league.

Tbh your situation is a bit extreme! Your team is really strong and the others will lower your total faction cap a lot. I think the system will be matching you against ‘weaker’ teams all the time.

Why are you wasting all those cans?

I need to hit the milestone and as I’m relying on random people to log on I need to hit it in as few wars as possible and as that only cost me a net loss of 8 cans, as I have 50+ not a problem, if you know how to farm cans burning them should never be a problem

Agreed. I find every war is always a blow out. Either we get matched to a much weaker team and crush them or the exact opposite happens. I find that less than 10% of our total wars results in an even match. Why is this? I find it hard to believe that we almost never match with the 10 teams directly above or below us every single war. We are all active so that is not an issue,

Time has never been an issue for us in our region and I do feel sorry for the people who have to wait forever to get a match only to then get one out of the realm of possibility and get beat in 5 min. This needs to change. I would rather wait an 30-60 min for a competitive match then to get two wars in against a team we cannot beat back to back.


Bumping this for our beloved devs (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) to see when they are online

At the end, we did finish with 11-8, with only 13 players scoring.
Only a couple of actually balanced matches, like Ironandwine pointed out.

Everything considered, we did pretty good :slight_smile: