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Here we go again with the team strength thing. The team strength is based on what? because when i face all S4 team and most are either windowless or nearly windowless. I have teammates with higher team strength but i take general over them. The team strength thing is skewed and i think it is more a total roster strength. Not a team strength. I still think that rep plays into this as well.


We have this happening in our region too.


this current war we have 15 matches to the next factions 32 because of this shit rep system matching. we are seriously considering being one of those rep exploiting factions since scope is basically forcing us to if we want to play.


@CombatDevIl @CombatMan can you tell us how matching works? Is rep a factor? I understand not wanting to reveal that because it can be manipulated but if this thread is accurate that’s already happening. We are getting screwed waiting for another faction to finish rather than getting matched.


If reputation was actually a determining factor then my group would not be matchup with 30% of what it gets.

Many many times we face teams with 4 times the reputation points in raids. Support said reputation of the team of 8 plus your combined strength of your teams determine matchups.

The only way I could see this is true is if the system rates heavily on the highest player in the group and matches based off that. Perhaps that is the high and the low limit is the lowest in the team.


Sounds like fair play. The top factions work hard to get where they are and it is pretty disappointing come war time when they are barely even able to participate. Usually the top faction will have a flawless win record but will still lose due to the broken matchmaking. Thanks for the idea, might be time to shed some rep. Hope Scopely fix this and go back to a more random system. Low teams should search for other low teams first and if none are currently searching should match with higher teams based on who searched first.


sorry guys, I have no clue how matchmaking is done, it is totally server side. :frowning:


The system needs to be fixed…finally able to have our region DADE re-opened (thank you we are finally able to bring life back to the region) and before that happened we couldn’t war properly and now that it’s opened again we still can’t war properly. All the other factions are matching each other and we can’t get out of the que it takes us an hour to match even one of the original factions (3 including ours) My faction has no losses and can’t compete for the first time ever because the matching system won’t allow us to. I also wonder why keep track of wins and losses if it’s not going to be used in determining your place in the tourney. Back to the drawing board scopely we can’t war it seems unless it’s cross region.


The people who work in the server side, they need to get a dismissal letter, because they have constantly messed up with top factions, where most of players are paying for your bills.


Yeah this is one fuck up too many, most of my faction (including me) quitting after war.


Having this problem in Sumter right now. 4 factions on the board, the 4th one hasn’t matched yet because of the new system that goes on rep, and the other 3 factions have way more rep than them.

They’ve been searching for for about 18 or so hours, and have even cancelled and reformed.
Being a closed region, this is ridiculous.

I do remember reading somewhere that it was ‘first come, first served’ as well, but that’s not true either. Even the top 3 factions aren’t matching with each other after an hour wait (and all 3 are searching).

The top 3 factions are willing to lower defences for them too, so they don’t just get ‘points for trying’ and actually get some victories, but no-ones matching them :pensive:


Why anyone would use anything but current standings at time of search to define ideal matches is beyond me.


Even that system is flawed but it should be based on that , a simple slider scale say +/- 7 places. Moment you click find opponent a list should be created with timing so the longer your waiting the higher the priority (perhaps every 2 minuets your unmatched the scale adds a +/-1 on your potential target list ) it still means 15 is unlikely to match 1st but if both are waiting in a queue for 15 mins as people are they can match and end the monotomy.
Obviously you would need to factor in something to stop 1-2 continually warring each other


Reasonable. Anything is better than rep based. Maybe time interval is to short but again better than this


I would assume that getting steamrolled by a top faction is still preferable to waiting in the que forever, even failed attacks get you some points, you get none while searching.


Nah forum is more fun. You should be thanking me anyway, I did what had to be done to get rid of R18. Noticed how peaceful it’s been today?


That is R18. Just ignore him.

The Great WAR Rebalance

Hi folks - the matchmaking system does not use reputation as a variable in the calculation so I’m not sure how the behaviour described in this thread is possible. I can’t share the source code but one of the key determinants is the strength of the best possible teams for each member of the war party in the queue.

War Matchmaking
Has anyone from scopely addressed the changes to war matching?
The Great WAR Rebalance

Thank you! I’ve been telling this to people forever since it just didn’t make sense. Of course they still won’t listen but at least I have some peace of mind!


Yes, thank you for clearing this up. You’ve been very clear.