War Matchup EXPLOIT


Even that system is flawed but it should be based on that , a simple slider scale say +/- 7 places. Moment you click find opponent a list should be created with timing so the longer your waiting the higher the priority (perhaps every 2 minuets your unmatched the scale adds a +/-1 on your potential target list ) it still means 15 is unlikely to match 1st but if both are waiting in a queue for 15 mins as people are they can match and end the monotomy.
Obviously you would need to factor in something to stop 1-2 continually warring each other


Reasonable. Anything is better than rep based. Maybe time interval is to short but again better than this


I would assume that getting steamrolled by a top faction is still preferable to waiting in the que forever, even failed attacks get you some points, you get none while searching.


Nah forum is more fun. You should be thanking me anyway, I did what had to be done to get rid of R18. Noticed how peaceful it’s been today?


That is R18. Just ignore him.

The Great WAR Rebalance

Hi folks - the matchmaking system does not use reputation as a variable in the calculation so I’m not sure how the behaviour described in this thread is possible. I can’t share the source code but one of the key determinants is the strength of the best possible teams for each member of the war party in the queue.

War Matchmaking
Has anyone from scopely addressed the changes to war matching?
The Great WAR Rebalance

Thank you! I’ve been telling this to people forever since it just didn’t make sense. Of course they still won’t listen but at least I have some peace of mind!


Yes, thank you for clearing this up. You’ve been very clear.


Being in a top 3 faction has often meant that we end up fighting the same 2 - 3 other factions the entire war. That does fluctuate depending who is on the roster at the time though. We had absurd wait times only to see the same people over and over. It would be nice to get that squared away because there are plenty of great players in factions that may not be in the top 5 due to a variety of reasons that don’t end up getting the recognition they deserve purely due to the way the current system works.

War is more of a quantity versus quality event. That’s an unfortunate truth. You don’t need to be a big spender if you’re actually able to fight.

TLDR; there are plenty of players who aren’t in the higher ranked factions and don’t get the recognition /rewards they deserve purely because the current matching system blows. it isn’t rep based however.


So then… if the games matchmaking is based on team str… then couldnt u technically put up burts b4 u hit search to get a lower team grade and hence making it so lower facs end up facing you?.. therr has to be more… more likely is its similar to how gens used to get picked b4 u could pass it off… the game remembers your best team str in roster and bases it off that and not the current team u have up.


It’s based off the strength of your best possible team, not the team you have up.


Basically the same as the general system.


This. exactly. The same system the game uses for Generals


But with the ascendens the strenght between teams has been severely reduced, does reputation not matter AT ALL? There is of course other parameters then just team strenght.

Some teams clearly get alot more matchups over an entire war even tho they have less activity and longer wars on average. So something gotta be off?


Rep doesn’t factor in at all but we’re going to be looking at the data from the weekend this week to see if there are any other variables that could be affecting this and if we need to make any adjustments for the six star economy.

War Matchmaking
Has anyone from scopely addressed the changes to war matching?
War matchmaking, does reputation influence it?

Thanks for the quick reply.

People wanna war, so shouldnt it be able to test if its good if you aint matched with a fair opponent, you quicker expand your possible matches?

Allmost all i know would much rather eat cake or be the cake instead of sitting there spinning your spinner next to the oven😑


We finished 1st but it was so boring…90% of war or more we fighted with only 2 factions…is very very boring to pair again and again with same factions…and for more we have matched 2 or 3 in a row with same faction…the worst war.


Could you PLEASE get rid of those unwanted redundant hard obstacles that you imagine you need to put in your search algorithm, so that top factions can actually enjoy some wars. No one can stand another war of 1-6 hours of searching, while some factions fighting each other constantly.


May i suggest that team strength rankings, if they don’t already, integrate weapon ratings into the calculations as well. So whatever character strength number that comes up plus the number on their top 5 or 10 strongest possible weapons.

This way anyone with, say, 5 410 weapons gets a higher ranking, and weapons, which are just as important as characters in determining how strong you are in a practical sense, have some influence on matchups as well.

I think the point about including current leaderboard rankings is worth exploring as well, so that if two factions on the leaderboard are neck and neck, they have a slightly increased chance of being matched against each other, if possible.


There should not be any restrictions at all on matchups, the only factor in who faces who should be the first match availible once you search. Alls fair in war.