War Matchup EXPLOIT


Serious problem here. There’s currently an exploit where factions can get better and faster matchups by dropping reputation points.

In my region, the #1 faction dropped 200,000 rep, and several places on the leaderboard. Now they are sharks in the kitty pool, as they match food factions instantly, while the other top factions struggle for matches. This has resulted in ALL THREE of the top factions dropping reputation like nobody’s business, and random 4th place factions finding themselves in the top spots, waiting for an eternity to war.

Meanwhile, the 5th place faction (who is really #1) is going on 30 - 0 , beating the “#1” faction a dozen times over.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, fix this. It’s not fun for lower factions like mine, because we’re stuck fighting the top guys now! It’s like a premier soccer team playing in the little leagues! Get them out of here and back to where they belong!!!


Reputation has been worthless since the beginning of the game. It literally does nothing for anyone but maybe the #1 on any server as a dick measure. At least now it can be ‘used’ granted the opposite way the game intended but ‘used’ none-the-less.


I have the same situation on my region, but once it’s late night only the strongest factions with night shift left and these guys suffer a proper beating and never got higher than 7 place. It’s kinda cowardly though, but a strategy


It defeats the whole purpose of reputation.

War matchups should be based on team grade.

I’m telling you - as a low ranked faction, nothing is destroying our fun more by matching the top guys over and over again because they are always searching for a new victim. (They finish the wars so quickly.)


I think who get’s general is either based on player level or reputation, or both. Match-up’s are based on the rep of all 8 players combined in the war party. I think it is impossible to drop reputation by 200k points unless you are cheating because they would have to be raided a TON and lose or raid someone themselves and intentionally lose a lot of reputation quickly. I think it is just a matter of who is joining the war party, and they have their people with the best teams and lowest reputation fill the war party to get matched up with lower factions quicker to win more. I think of it as strategy rather than an exploit. I am just guessing at some of this, and it’s just my opinion of what I think is happening.


Are you having a laugh mate?

We have screenshots of the #1 faction guys dropping over 1000 reputation within 15 minutes by losing raids over and over. One of our guys gained 2000 rep overnight, winning hundreds of defends against top players he has never defended before.

There are people in this faction with ZERO reputation. And their records have gone from 5000 wins - 100 losses
to 5000 wins - 1000 losses. Dropping reputation is the absolute easiest thing in the world.

They even put up C rated defense teams. (Half the top faction uses a Rosa lead with no other characters in the team.)


I see it happen all the time. Right now if you look, you might see a lot of players that you can raid that have only 1 toon. Or they go into a raid with 1 toon and lose fast. Think about it though, you know how many raid refills they would have to waste just to do that? If they have no problem with wasting raid refills then they probably had a ton saved up or buy refills from the store, so they are spending on their strategy. The most reputation you can lose is 25 and the least is like 6. I don’t feel like adding that up but think about how many raids they would have to do to lose 1k reputation.

I don’t think they did it right away at the very moment you caught it, they probably did it before this war weekend even started. It is more of a strategy rather than an exploit. I am not laughing or trying to troll or whatever you might be thinking I am trying to do. I am trying to sympathize with you and move the conversation forward, if you don’t want me to do that then I will back off.


@Reaper I agree with this so much. Maybe base it on team grade a bit (just so that the very weak factions don’t match the strong - you can’t drop your team grade without losing characters), but based on reputation just makes reputation a negative thing to have.

@R18-C4G3 You’re missing my point. This wasn’t something they did suddenly out of nowhere. They have been dropping reputation for weeks, and yes, some of them have dropped plenty of cans to lose their reputation.

The point is, dropping reputation so that the big dogs can play in the kitty pool should not be allowed, and for people like me who play casually and actually belong in the kitty pool, it’s not fun to get bullied by these people.

You can call it a strategy - but it’s a strategy of exploiting a flawed system.


Once again, it’s just players being smarter than scopely. Because of the new war matching system, top ranked factions have a smaller pool of factions. So it’s better to be in the middle (5-6 rank) so you can get matched up and down. Why nobody foresees these things is hilarious.


And now I get your point. So what do you suggest they do about it? Whatever they do, top factions are going to find a way around it to bully the weaker factions anyway. I agree though, the top factions do bully and it is intentional because they want to dominate. It is a strategy of exploiting a flawed system. So give them some ideas of what they can do to make it better. I know you are frustrated and feel like they won’t listen to you anyway but it doesn’t hurt to give them ideas and suggest they put war back on the shelf and fix it to make it better. Of course you know though when they test it in Beta a lot of the testers are going to lie to their benefit to get things done the way they want.


They are always able to find a new way to screw up top factions. I gotta say it’s a different kind of genius! Driving paying customers away is their new business.


In my server the top factions usually do not bully… they have held to get the 2nd place or 3rd place prize before. But usually they just go about winning like its business, and we finish in 8 to 15 minutes. When i first started we dealt with this and we still deal with it. If scopely had not messed with it in the first place this would have never happened. Scopely put a hard lock on differences so players dropped rep to compensate. Remove the hard lock and let it go. Its even worse on single region where you only fight 3 factions the search is stupid now.


the last thing i heard from scopely was reputation didnt matter for war matchups, but rather team strength. can we get some clarification on this from the devolpers yet again @kalishane


Nothing can change the fact that top factions got screwed over again. It’s too late to catch up when other factions have like 16 matches more already.
Congratulations scopely, once again, you prove that legitimate paying customers have no place in this game, only ones with"unorthodox method" can survive, like some Cxxxters.


Just drop your reputation to zero mb? It would be fun to examine the mm without any reputation handicap


So a long time ago we faced everyone no matter what rep said. Then Scopely implemented some balance into the system for fairer matchups.

As always the players are one step ahead of Scop’s and use shity tactics like this to get more battles. Nothing against them but it’s proven the algorithm needs a revamp. Like you did with legendaries. Now this we really need.



Same for us… Same ^^^^^


This is an interesting situation because Thewalkerdude made a post describing the matchmaking process and said it was based on team grade. I don’t think he mentioned Rep at all.

I’ll see if can find his post


Two posts from the same thread.


Team grade makes more sense, honestly. We’re seeing more of the “lower” factions that have loaded up on Mira than ever before. Our faction membership hasn’t changed much at all.