War matchmaking, does reputation influence it?


There has been various rumours going around about reputation affecting matchmaking for war. I would like confirmation from a Developer on if reputation has ANY influence on the faction we face during war to clear up the confusion some of us still have


There was a official post about it. And it said that reputation doesnt have anything to do with matchmaking.

I will try and find it for you:)


No. It has no influence. Was posted in a thread about the same subject last week.



Found it, hope it helps:)


Thanks Propain! I was in a meeting!


I know that general status also takes into account progression in world stages


My faction think your global overall war score has something to do with it. I was in a faction that was one of the oldest in the region so we had a over all 2nd place war score and we matched with no one but the top 3 teams. We split and came back together in a completely new faction. Same players just new faction and we very rarely get matched with the top teams anymore