War matchmaking counting reserves team strength as well?


One of the dev said that they do matchmaking by looking at the current party strength, getting an average from it (6 peeps for blitz, or 8 for normal war). BUt, I have a sneaky suspicion it’s also counting reserves team strength as well. Can we get a confirmation that this likely bug is not in there? I’ve noticed my faction only matching to #1 50% of the time when we have like 12 people on reserves, but then matching lower factions when it’s only 8 people and no reserves.

Also, does REP count towards this “team strength average”? or does current defense team count? or just total maximum top 5 strongest toon?






I’d like to know as well.


I grilled support for a week on matching details and basically found out they don’t know either.

They said the matches are based off the members in the war only. The reputation of the team is taken into account along with your player strength. This is your total power as a player all teams all stats.

There is suppose to be a hard cap in which prevents matches from being to unbalanced.

My impressions are one player being higher then the others by a significant value really messes with this system allowing a very wide band of what you face.

If this all where true then the so called exploit dropping rep would likely work but hurt the standings of the players on the next raid event.


but i also feel like the system is incorrectly counting the reserves in its team strength calculation as well