War matching system

If we gona have 6 v 6 war why in the world must 24 players wait 30+ min for 1 team to finish. Why cant we war multiple teams if its 6v6? Must we as the community give u everything. Come on this is bs. Make more teams of 6 be able to war instead of waiting and missing non stop?!?

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The problem with multiple 6v6 wars is you’re still gonna have 1 per low/mid factions searching, but then you’ll have 3 extra per top team. Matching would be horrible

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This would be terrible. This is the worst idea in war. The top factions would run 5 wars consecutively and the gap between the top and even middle factions would be immeasurable


So u fine with waiting 30+ min to join and by luck u join maby? Are u a war hater? Its my main event i been waiting and missing to join for hrs! Ffs! Bullshit! I cant war!

Don’t be in the 24. Simple

why my faction mostly face with top faction ? wtf, you need to repair the matchmaking scopely… how about whale vs whale ? an noob vs noob ? smh

No we work together and find times that all can get on. If you hired your entire faction from one time zone, that’s your mistake

I’m usually at 200-300k in war, so no I’m not a war hater

The ripple effect of multiple wars simultaneously would be worse than the problem it would be solving.

Move to an A region, sorry but 6v6 is just perfect for most factions outside the top :hugs:

I’ve waited 4 hours when it was 8v8 it was always the last spot to fill, so annoying

This is why I feel they should have an option to add a random faction mate for war, they can’t attack but it adds a spot and let’s factions war sooner.

It sounds more like the faction problem really. It is call communication. 6v6 is just fine

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