War matching issues


So in the 5 wars we have had we have only faced 2 factions… three matches with one 2 with the other. Anyone else having this issue?


My issue is with OP teams that are lower player level or prestige than our faction.

What looks to be like a good match up we end up getting slaughtered by stun/confuse weapons and toons.


Lol, funnily enough we are matched up with Irwin and Macon…


Welcome to $copley :slight_smile:


Great! we cant match again, only had 3 matches, others had 7, gonna end up like all other wars, while others had double matches. We are not even the strongest team here.
I don’t know WTF is wrong with that guy who designed the matching system.


Exactly what is the issue here? You got teams to play just play them and shut up


Same here. Only 4 wars. Sitting and watching that freaking wheel spin is driving me nuts. Every one else has more wars than us and we have filled the war line up immediately.

Not fair. Thanks scopley.


Wait 1 hour for one match…Not fair game!


This is a feedback thread.

There is nothing inappropriate about the threads or topic up till now.

Leave you’re childish comments elsewhere please.


Same is happening in mine also lvl 42 work stun and slaughter house plus the selection is not great out of 8 matches we have faced the same fac 3 times and the others evenly also


Wait 5 hours
I have not played one game yet


Absolutely ridiculous in Dade. We have had 5 matches and top of the leaderboard has had 15. We have been filling instantly and we can only match two other factions. Both of which have full teams of maxed 6* which absolutely eat up our teams, 60% of which have been in the game for less than a month. Good way to drive away customers. What a mess!


Ya first match we played in was against the rank 5 team in that region were like 13th in mine. we got off to an early lead. Then the people we were playing starting coining like maniacs I think the two generals did 4-5x each it was a real headscratcher and we still slightly won the war lol. Then I see within their faction literature top 3 players in this faction get promoted to the larger higher ranked sister faction lol. Still a flawed concept to show off statistically keeping one war going rather than rolling wars. Anyways for those prizes it cracked me up!


2 wars in 4 hours… unbelievable and we’re matching no.56


We are the first in our server. Start war from the beginning, never stop. After 9 hours past, we only have played 9 wars. This is so rediculess… Is this your way the let us quitting this game?


Last war we ran smoothly without stops and fought and got first… this war were 200k behind cause of queueing issues, vs the same people! They broke something


Same issues here. 4 wars so far. Huge queueing times. And then there is Carl- and Mirabelle-teams all over the place with all the good weapon crits. Yay!


Same problem in Bryan, ages waiting and seemingly only match against the top factions from the other servers when were only mid table. Waiting an hour for a match up to get absolutely smashed in minutes is killin motivation. Im also very suspicous how so many teams and members of those teams can have op weapons


I fought teams with 4 stun guns and 1 impair once…ridiculous af! I mean, I’ve crafted multiple times and 1 stun gun was the only one I could get :disappointed:


Feel for ya, happened to us in the last two blitzes, the most infuriating part is when some jerk eventually comes in and is like “works fine for me, in fact I’ve been in 3 billion wars and see nothing wrong with your active faction only being in 9”