War match ups worse yet!

This war has possibly been the worse yet… From the start we’ve constantly been facing top 10… Never seen it so bad… Anyone had the same problems? Even had a few of my guys saying they quit :frowning:


We are #14 and half our wars are against top 6. We are around 60/40 win ratio. We can beat factions above us (#9-13) but they have a better win ratio, so I assume they are getting easier matchups. Something is strange about this CRW matchmaking because there’s no difference in team power (most are S12+).


All war is now is copy and pasted pete teams 11k for pete was to fucken low so is other s class make people work for it not win few level ups/raids and bam u have toon.


Top facs have insane activity = they search more often. Mid and low ranked facs are going to get matched with them often when people are continuously retiring, since that means less players for similar mid and low ranked facs to match with.

There’s no way to combat this when Scopely won’t create bot factions to fight in war. Whales gotta eat.

My faction has lost 23 and only won 3. We’re 4th in our region usually and placing 84th in war currently. Go figure.

Problem for me is it’s disheartening people to a point that they don’t sign up for war and we get even less chance to pull back some points or do better


Say top 10 search twice as much as 21-30
Say top 11-20 search twice as much as 31-40
Say top 10 search 4 times as much as all of 41-60
Say top 11-20 search 4 times as much as all of 61-80
Say top 10 search 8 times as much as all of 81-120 (which is saying a lot, aka impossible, since we are 91 this war, worst we’ve ever been, and we are searching more than every hour on average if you include warring in that hour)
Say top 11-20 search 8 times as much as all of 121-160

That means any faction in the game should match top 20 faction only 34% of the time ((1-(1/3+1/5+1/8)). And I have been exceptionally generous with my timings for top 20 compared to any others, as described above. If I was being realistic with my timings, it would probably be half that.

I wonder. Do top factions, after clicking search, also wait for 10 minutes?

(Edit - worth noting for anyone who reads this that if 1-10 search more than 8 times all of 81-120 that means that they are searching 32 times as often as each faction in 81-120 on average, so completely unrealistic, since we are 91st and we search more than every hour including warring on average. So I take my previous statement back about it being half 34%… It would be much, much less. Maths. Boom.)

Factor in how often these facs search per hour. That’d be a more interesting read, because top facs have more wars than middle and low ranked facs due to their wars being over faster.

Some middle facs take the entire war (45-ish mins? I forgot how long war battles can last lol) to end it while top facs can end war in like 10-ish mins. When I was active, wars would last 5 mins and then we’d be right back to searching. Not sure how many wars we had on average per hour but we’d get matched with low ranked facs quite often and middle ranked facs even more often because the matchmaking system tries to prevent back to back wars as often as possible. So if whale fac #1 ended a war with whale fac #3, and just had whale fac #2 before that, then there’s a high probability that middle faction #4, #5, or #6 are about to get boned.

Still doesn’t make up for it - they aren’t having a 2 minute war and search cycle, which is what they would have to have to make 32 times as many wars to make a 34% occurance. I have just taken a photo of all 296 factions in my CRW (sad I know). I will tally all of the total wars and all of the total wars by just top 20 and will calculate the exact percentage chance of matching a top 20 when I get the opportunity.
If we aren’t seeing the same percentage as what factions actually get, the only possible reason mathematically is because the top factions match quicker after clicking search, which of course would be an absurd advantage.

I look forward to seeing your final calculations! Haha

Regardless, there’s no easy fix for this unless Scopely actually did introduce bot factions to fight against but that could prove troublesome for different reasons. They could introduce war brackets, i.e. only factions 1-20 get matched with each other, 21-40 with each other, etc. but then everyone would run into the same issues again with longer wait times. Matchmaking and search times have always been issues with war, I don’t see a simple fix.

I agree, there is no easy fix. Although I get the impression at the moment that Scopely are feeding the stronger factions with weaker factions by making search times different until a weaker faction matches a stronger faction a lot of the time even though there may be other weaker factions searching. Of course I haven’t done the calculations so there is no evidence of this until I do (well technically there is, but it won’t make any sense until I do as its just raw data atm). If I’m wrong, I’ll be happy enough to admit it.
Whatever fix there is, it’s got to be better than giving an unfair advantage to stronger factions (if they do).

Anyhow, on holiday in LA atm and it’s 1:15am here… Have the clocks already gone backwards?
So I’ll have to wait until the morning :stuck_out_tongue:


Just hack the game and get first place easy, seems scopely is fine with this

You on about that player with a billion or so points? I’m pretty sure even Scopely isn’t stupid enough not to ban that account!

If they were that worried they would of removed the faction from war already

Well… The player maybe, the whole factions a bit harsh.
They’re all on their weekend, I’m sure it’ll be sorted on Monday, otherwise it’ll demotivate the biggest spenders, and I’m positive that will make Scopely act.

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Something is defo strange with this crw

This is what’s happened to us… Currently sat at 28th… we’ve been sat for near a hour now at 6/8 but you can guarantee when we get 8/8 and waited 1 hour we’ll match top 6 lol … We are usually #2 in the region

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That’s 8v8 for yeah, lower factions are still waiting to fill unfortunately


Matching is not completely random, it also tries to take average team strength and (according to @jayspenc) matching history into account, plus possibly other factors.

Anyway, we had 26 wars so far, around #60. I wasn’t around for all of them, but well over half I’d say, and I remember getting top 10 once or maybe twice, which overall seems reasonable.

I don’t think Scopes are giving stronger factions an intentional advantage - they are also the people who spend, and people don’t spend on one-sided blowouts, so even from a immediate revenue PoV it doesn’t make sense.

Really though, it’s probably all an indication and consequence of how much the game has stratified.

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Yes it’s been terrible. Worst war we’ve had. 8vs8 isn’t helping either.


I’m in the same situation. We have been matched with tops all weekend. Myself and others are really getting discouraged and don’t want to sign up just to take the beating for crappy rewards. I haven’t even hit 50k cause the matchups have been brutal.

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