War Match ups beyond silly

My faction, #74 vs the #4 faction in a cross region war.

Beyond silly. There must be a better way?

Its a vicious cycle my guy has to happen. Srry.

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I even know. But thanks…and it’s still beyond silly.

I’m guessing that, as #74, it takes a while for you to fill, right? Look at the number of wars fought with factions of a similar rank - it probably looks like they don’t get many either. Well, not many compared to the top factions.

That’s the problem right there. The more the system limits your opposition to factions of a similar rank, the longer you’ll have to wait for matches.

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Maybe you prefer to wait a couple of hours to match a faction of similar rank or strength, after you probably waited an hour or more to fill?


Sadly, all true points. The 3 minute wars though, as I said. Silly.

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