War match making sucks


After complaining to support every war I have finally decided to post here in desperate hope of getting somebody important enough to listen.

I play in the region of Baldwin, one of the original factions when this game was only in soft release so we are where it all started. For players to be still playing now years after the release is amazing considering the crap they have been put through.
As with most of the start up regions, Baldwin is closed to new players which I do understand and suggest that a region merge would be appropriate for this region.

This topic exists to provide my feedback on just one of the many grievances I have for our slowly dying region.

My faction has been searching for all of the war period without a single match as all the other 4 active factions have been able to match. This happens every single war and then we are left with no prize after we have done everything within our power to participate.

I’m providing this feedback to tell you that not matching our faction to any of the other active factions is not good enough. You need to tweak the match making system to be appropriate for the activity levels of the region.
Not providing a prize to my faction when we have done all that we can to participate is not good enough. We should be awarded the prize for 5th place as we have participated by getting 8 players into queue and searching, a feat in itself in a dying region.
Not listening to devoted long term players that started this game is not good enough. You should be more proactive in providing region merges for the original regions that are slowing in activity levels.


@Thrillho, I completely understand where you are coming from.

We had the same issue in DADE, where we would be unable to match with anyone as our faction had all the top rep players in it. Then a player split out and made a new faction which we were then at the mercy at - if they decided to prevent us from warring then they could by not searching. It was awful.

I think its hard to understand for those in active regions how desperate those stuck in closed dead regions want to play. Even this war with its ridiculous match ups (or lack of) is still fun for us because warring is a new thing - its something we have been denied for months.

I hope that by highlighting this, @kalishane can inform those who can start with the process of opening you guys up or merge you, or allow you to leave. Because this just isn’t good enough.


Good god that sounds awful. I don’t understand why you won’t match. But I wouldn’t expect scopely to do anything. Instead I have a suggestion… if this is really the case… take the faction and split it into two factions just for war. That way you will hopefully get paired against each other and get 4th and 5th place rewards.


Thanks for your reply @Tully , I definitely feel a disconnect from the players in larger regions complaining about 30 minute wait times lol.
My faction mates have played since very early on and they are loyal to the faction and each other. They love playing together and it hurts to see them hampered by the mechanics of the game. For this reason @Rockdale I can’t expect my faction mates to leave and try to join the other active factions and we only just get 8 players to queue so splitting in half is not an option either.
I’m sure that we will be victimised by some for choosing to remain loyal to our faction and each other but that isn’t fair. It is ultimately an issue with the game mechanics.
If the match making system works in the ways that support likes to portray it, we should get matched at least a few times as we wait patiently but we are discarded in favour of higher ranked factions.


Yes absolutely @Thrillho, people who come from larger regions cannot understand that those of us in the smaller regions have made some really firm in game friendships and remain really loyal to one another and do not wish to just “split up”. Plus, it doesn’t work, we tried it out of desperation and it made no difference. People still missed out on prizes as over a weekend we maybe got 3-4 matches if we were lucky. Not everyone can sit on their phones for 24 hours for an entire weekend waiting for a matchup - and this was previous to the ‘tuned up’ matchmaking system which is making life hard over this war.

Fingers crossed some attention to your plight gets a result. We had to beg, plead and make everyone sick of the word “DADE” for 12 months before they opened us up. We are hoping our regions new lease on life will mean others are opened/merged as well.


I definitely believe that a merge is the best solution. Opening up to new players would only cause new players to be disheartened by the gap between them and the established players and then we are just as good as being closed.

The other option is for somebody to pay attention to they way matchmaking is being applied to the small regions and make adjustments to suit.

But ultimately I believe it is in everyone’s best interest to merge our region.
The top faction has no reason to spend as they have no real competition, heck, nobody has any reason to spend so that’s gotta be bad for business.


They have constantly screwed over top factions in this rubbish war matching system.


So you’re going to completely ignore this issue @kalishane?
How is it fair that my faction is penalised for an issue that is caused by no fault of our own?


Use profanity and add some insult to it they will notice then


@kalishane and @Dash please take a look at my post and offer a response.


While we have managed to get just one match during this blitz war, we are still being overlooked for matches and have been searching for hours.
Would really appreciate some help @kalishane @Dash @TheWalkerDude.