War loss loophole


Hey Kalishane , I sent you a PM on Line a few weeks ago. There is a major issue I see with a change to war matches since the scoring system was changed. Previously, you could win by having more points when the match ended or by killing all camps. Now, you have to have more points regardless of whether the match times out or you kill the opposing faction. We have seen other factions beginning to take advantage of this, especially in the CRW setting. With 2 even matched top factions, one will forgo towers and rack up an initial lead that would not be sustainable over the course of the match. Then they simply roll over and let you kill them.

Make up points, being removed from the game was a positive step. But for the sake of win / loss a faction should win the fight by TKO (more points when time expires) or KO (killing the enemy). This issue was corrected in regards to fleeing a battle but it still remains here. Please pass this on to the development team @CombatDevIl @CombatMan .



Definitely agree


I’m interested in seeing the official Scopley response on this. For example, if a team has a lead of 30k but the other team will not stop coining. Say after 30 mins the other team finally decides to stay dead after coining several times. If they win by a lead of 30k, is it fair for the other team who coined over and over again to win the match because they destroyed all of the camps? Maybe it is, but I like to think this game is about skill and not blindly spending money for a win. If this occurs, it will just throw more money at Scopley with people coining for no reason than to outspend the other faction and outlast them.


Why should the faction who throws the most money at Scopely win the battle? Spenders already have the advantage when it comes to toons and weapons. War is about strategy, teamwork and skill. Learn to raid better and faster and save yourself some money.


It’s more about the shift in tactics. Bursting out of the gate with the intention of rolling versus a legit fight. Or putting up weaker defenses for less points to ensure that the point gap cannot be closed. Equally matched factions is the entire premise behind CRW. An equally matched faction has the choice to get into a coin war or roll over. My issue is them rolling over and still getting the W. And I’ve never seen it done with a gap that big. When you kill all the camps the gap will be less than 5k.


@Abby it’s no different than blitzing and fleeing a match, an issue that Scopely has already fixed. If you flee, you lose. I’m happy when they roll. But like boxing, it wouldn’t be right for someone to be up in the cards, get knocked out and win. There are issues we can’t really fix like matching issues between regions of disparate activity levels. This is a problem for which there is an easy solution. You die, you lose.


Thanks for clarifying what you are referring to. I agree what you are saying is shady and should not be occurring. No teams should roll to win a fight and put up lesser defenses to win. But this also allows legit hardcore matches to only be won by non-stop coining.

My faction always goes for towers and wins a lot too. We always put out our top defenses. We don’t always coin. Other factions have bounced off our defenses and as we raid fast, we will kill team after team. In some wars (certainly not all), factions will coin and coin and coin again. Because of getting repeated camp bonuses over other teams, it’s actually quite easy to build up a lot of points over the other coining camp. They have less to hit and in most cases, can’t kill the teams that remains up. We have had big point differences in cases like this.

But even the best teams can eventually be killed. If I alone score 25k on a team because of all of the targets they gave me from coining, and they take 30 mins to kill my team, is it really right for them to get the win? Because they coined over and over to get the kill? It really will be pay to win then.

This has happened multiple times by much larger amounts than 5k too.


What are your teammates doing while the enemy grabs 30k points in the 58 seconds it takes for you to grab the towers? The truth is the other team is better or at least faster than yours. If they manage to get a 30k lead then your constant coining should NOT be able to cancel that out.

That is not rolling over. That is playing better.


Learn how to raid faster in an efficient way, give that a try next time.


We are a number 1 faction and I am referring to this being versus other number 1 factions. Unless you are in a similar situation I don’t think you will understand the issue @Bender_Rodriguez and @Abby. We have also had no coin agreements with standup #1 factions like the ones in Long and McIntosh once ranks were set in stone. I’m not talking about this deciding the course of an entire war. But when your faction normally only has 5 losses or so in an entire CRW, 1 or 2 stolen W’s is upsetting. I’m sure it’s not as much an issue when you have 30 plus losses in a weekend :slight_smile:


#1 faction here too. 2 losses this CRW due to our people not scoring enough. I coined once the whole weekend. We hit hard and fast. I have no interest in pointless coin battles.


Which region?


That’s classified. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Riiiiight. Well Im the leader of the top 2 factions in Irwin and co-leader of the top 2 faction in Escambia. Hopefully we match Classified (EN) sometime soon “Abby”.


What do you do when you face yourself in war? Some people find that kind of thing shady. As long as you win hey.


I’m pretty sure the universe would implode. But it’s not likely to ever happen. Irwin is an OG region and Escambia is about a year old.


I mean when your #1 faces your #2. There’s a conflict of interest there. Do you make one roll over for the other?


If I was to guess, I’d say you’re from Montgomery region. You obviously created that account just to troll me. I’m flattered.


Not at all. But if this is something you’ve heard from others then maybe they have a point.

It sounds like you very much control what goes on in Irwin. You’ve never had to be better than you are because you have little opposition. I can understand now why other regions beating you in CRW is unsettling.

However, asking Scopely to change the rules just so you can keep winning isn’t the way forward. Adapt and grow like the rest of us.


Jesus, really? A lead of the top 2 factions in TWO regions? You are definitely dedicated.

But really, what do you do in regular wars if you’re the lead in the top 2 factions? Just make #2 roll over?