WAR leaderboard not working


Hello. Whats the reasoning for hiding leaderboard totally when there is no war? Its powerful tool and should work without restrictions. It was even impossible to check Faction final scores. Since Im beta, all Im getting is this:


Its still not working. Heeey, bring it back please. Thanks!


There is no war so you are not going to see anything on the leader board and thats alway been the case as far as i can remember.


No. It was not. It was open and you were able to check scores per faction for finish wars (sum per member). It is powerful recruiting tool, but above all gives you info how your faction team members performed. Now, when War finishes, when I click on results, its also showing the same msg as above so basicaly I would have to make screenshots like 1-2mins before war ends, which is not always possible.



@Thrak is right. I would always use this to see war trends of my people to make it easier to know who to boot if I was able to get a new recruit in. Since most wars end for me in the middle of the night, it’s not really possible for me to stay up and screenshot before war ends. Would love to see this fixed.


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