War leaderboard bugged? (Town>factions>wars>war leaderboard)

War leaderboard bugged for me.

I cannot simply click on the latest war to view scores. (In town>factions>wars>War leaderboard>swap>view)

Clicking on (View) the most recent war will instead lead to the “Global” leaderboard.

The only way I found to “View” the most recent war is to first click on “View” for the 3rd to last war. Then click “View” for the most recent.

Anyone else bugged like this?

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Been like this a long time.

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It’s broken in the most weird ways, and I’m not sure it’s always consistent. Sometimes, you can select some of them in a sepcific order and will see past wars. Mostly, it will show either the global region leaderboard, or the last war, but will jump to the position of the war you selected. Blitz somehow made it even worse.

I’ts een broken for months, and they occasionally “fix” it, which means that it still won’t work, but it the way in which it doesn’t work is different from before.

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