War Jan 19, 2019 ---- aftermath

Just some thoughts.

  1. I have accounts in a few regions. All regions are NOT active in warring. Only less than 3 factions in each region are warring, including 1 whale faction.
  2. All middle factions abandon the hope of getting milestone rewards or rank rewards.
  3. 95% F2P players don’t participate actively as they know they have no winning chance and they need more than 200 wars to have a 200k milestone. Or simply speaking the limited token rewards are just 100% useless.
  4. You need not to coin or buy cans for war coz the gap between factions are large. In my regions, the gap between 1st and 2nd faction is huge, > 500k points.

Let us face the reality.

Making those revivers and shields will let Scopely to earn a lot. Whales will buy every toon but what is the result? The revivers have guardian, bonus hp, heal, whatever you name it. Every whale faction now go to a region and dominate it. At the end, each region will have only 1 faction warring itself.

What I suggest is:

  1. Now either make the game more balance to attract more players, or just make more super revivers and shield and let us make up our minds to stay or not.

  2. A short term solution: make a war league. No more AOW nor CRW. Factions shall play war based on their war ranking, not reputation or faction league points. Just the sum of, say, last 3 individual wars points. (Don’t use faction war points, whales will recreate another faction). Personally I do not mind the rewards are different in different war leagues ranking. It is much better for me to play 1 war in one hour.

A lot of F2Ps are quitting and even worse, some big spenders are also quitting.


Speak for yourself! You need to change regions…


Every year there is a huge dilemma here at rts. Last year was the fact that there was no diversity in teams, there were only about 20 6*s at the time, and regions were dead, we all wanted transfers to be a thing…this year there is no diversity in teams. They all look the same, about 20 toons being used and regions are dead because everyone is running from everyone. Looks like we are in the exact same spot as last year.


Swaping does not help when %99 of them are just as dead Only %1 that is alive

  1. end the game and start fresh in survival road part 2

this is the most logical solution, flogged it to death, start fresh

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That is why I propose a war league. It can group active and similar strength factions together.


Personally I won’t. I have mini accounts but it is too boring to re-start everything.

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Whale teams winning has existed since the beginning of this game. The spenders will always have an advantage. That is not the problem. The problem is how scopely handled transfers. They should have merged regions, and then allowed players to transfer between a few regions they created. By leaving all these regions to their own discretion, players stayed in dead regions because prizes are easier to get, and they come on here and complain that their region is dead. Sorry, I have no sympathy. Go to a populated region if you want AOW activity. Stop screaming to play against other f2p factions. That’s not realistic.


Never again! Unless another company besides scopely and ignu make it then ofc i will play and spend lots of money also


This game is not as bad as people make it for f2p…being f2p myself there is definitely a gap but with a good understanding of team mechanics and the use of duals u will be set.


I agree but the reality is:

  1. There are many dead regions, one has to make the remaining players to play. Either merge or transfer. Both has problems.
  2. The problem, I think, is the war mechanics. Currently it makes a whale faction vs a small fish faction. There is no chance to win, or even reaching the lowest few milestones. I saw players who score high in lu but they simply neglect the war. And I also saw strong player cannot reach 200k milestone because there is no activity. They are in the 2nd or 3rd rank.

So the solution is, IMHO, is how to group active and similar strength faction together. Currently AOW and CRW can’t make this happen.

For those non active players, no matter what you can do, they won;t war.

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That’s an incredible idea. @JB.Scopely , will you guys take this into consideration?

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No matter how you make war, there are always going to be factions that get creamed… let’s say they make a league war. Diamond 4 (the highest league) the bottom five factions will get creamed by the top 5 factions… no matter how you do war, someone will always be a punching bag and think it’s unfair. I don’t anticipate them doing a league war because they will alienate ALOT of spenders in diamond 3 and 4.

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Maybe. Then eventually there is only 1 faction warring in each region.

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Scopely needs to take matters into their own hands and merge regions. Or, second and third place factions need to go to more active regions and force whale factions to move as well so maybe they get matched together. Problem is, those second and third place faction regions like coming in second and third. It’s really a bad predicament this game is in.

time to decide😬

I hate regular war with a passion I always have. Every1 knows who is going to win. I’m kind of semi retired running low rank you get faction that finishing 2nd atleast 10 out of the 34 wars we fight in only factions for this are the top 1s

It doesn’t if you stop and think about it. League success depends on how good you are compared to everyone else in your region.

In my significant other’s account, the silver league in particular will have a few who race ahead in regions where they have the same raid points as him but have ranking higher than me (i’m a platinum player).

A lot of it also comes down to whether you are playing in a region of adults who lower defence or have a region full of silly little boys who don’t understand the benefits of doing so.

In summary, leagues don’t mean that much either.

I think the biggest issue in many teams is not being able to hit the search button because they have to wait for 8 to do so. Why not let factions participate in war anyways and just have a bot camp for each lacking player? That bot wouldn’t hit or anything, just serve the same role as a body, modeling the bot from someone in the faction. Nothing sucks more than being stuck at 7/8, calling for a body just so you can play and work towards milestones, waiting 30 minutes for the 8th, then most of your teammates are afk cuz they got bored waiting when you finally match. I think so many hate this game and are losing interest because they don’t get the opportunity to play it. War is the best event, so let factions play with how ever many they can get.