War issues lets address it


Lets talk about how when you go for a tower and gain it successfully, but get destroyed while doing so you cant apply a team to the tower you successfully captured… Smh


lack of cans dropping


I don’t see the problem there. Your faction captured the tower so they can apply teams as well.


The god damn lag. Basically the improvements from the long war hiatus have been lies.


Unbalanced towers, not like the old days when you can easily swap teams. Why did they give Carl teams a major advantage?


Dismal can drops


Again run for first in our CRW is again between 1st and 2nd of our region. So it is only about speed and who gets more lucky of not getting paired the #1 of the other region because the slow you down ( you need 15rather than <10mins beat them). Of course we ran a non stop q but difference now is merely 100k. Would be nice to pair with your own region as well.


War issue with our faction is matches my faction rep of 133k played a faction with 1.5million rep yes it was over in 8mins and this has been the story of our war not once have we played a faction within our rep they are all overloaded factions,the war to us has been a waste of our time lasting 10 mins every war,last CRW and normal we faired well now this one we all feel let down and not motivated at all well done scopely


Nah that’ll bring feeding into play and its already shown that the top fac that wins every war this way in our region, is about average in region wars.