War issue (5chars)

Well, apparently blitz is working as intended in Laurens region, we can’t play war at all, It doesn’t find an opponent, again, working as intended.
Keep on surviving


Same in Terrell. Way to go Scopely.

Still spinning in Walton region…

My blitz war is 2 regions and 5 facs from my region are queuing and 1 from the other region I’d rather have an aow in just oir region

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Same with ours

Everywhere its just 2 regions CRW. Scopely screwed up again. At this point it seems intentional. No one will get milestones. They’re trying to make us stop playing.

If i was this bad at my job i would be in jail. You guys suck.


We are a very active region we are matched with a dead region that region get to battle us we can’t access war to battle them so 0 points for us this is very bad

Can’t even declare in my region

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They are champion my friend …blitzgate 1 / scopely 0

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:face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

Let’s hope they fix this quick cause I want to war…

We’re in the same boat! Have 7 factions from our region cued again zero from pike region. :woman_facepalming::expressionless:

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@GR.Scopely we can’t declare war in our regain


when will you get this shit I want to play

We cant declare war either XD


That means the region is not active if you keep searching.

Jeff Davis is fairly active region, we are not matching in war just never-ending search.

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Apparently our region (Jeff Davis) is being matched against 1 whale faction. Our #1 & #3 have both lost to them.

15 factions queuing my region only 5 theres. Its who’s the lucky faction to get next battle