War is dying and needs refeshing

Well the new war times suck we all agree, for European time zones it really cuts time to war down, making milestones difficult to achieve.

However what is making it worse is the amount of factions who participate. In Henry we have only 15 factions who have completed 10plus wars. With only 27 factions in total warring at all.
8v8 wars are killing lower factions as the struggle with having enough active and 6v6 would make it easier for them to compete.
Where as 6v6 may not solve the issue at least it would be a start.
@kalishane what are your thoughts on this.


To be fair your regions sounds a lot better off than others but I agree. Ill keep saying this until it happens: Inner region should be exclusively blitz, 6v6 and short not on weekends. CRW should be every two weeks with ideally 8 regions.

This would keep the dead regions happy since 6 is not as hard to fill a queue and CRW helps with diversity and the amount of wars to play against


keep complaining and they will take it offline for another several months. be careful what you wish for


I’d be ok with that. Maybe by then they will merge some regions and figure out matchmaking.


8vs8 is a dead concept in most regions now. So many dying regions that can not support that format anymore including my own. 28 factions have done war 15 with more than 10 wars 5th faction only done 51. Its sad to see

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The game is dying it’s nothing but level up after level up and premier recruits. If there is no war what is the point in leveling up the toons? What is the point in buying new toons?

Fix your game. Merge regions or switch to blitz format 6x6 and 30 min matches for all-out war or get rid of it and just do CRW’s.


Might not be terrible for some of us. I keep asking myself why do I waste my free time playing something that is no longer rewarding. It’s because of my teammates but some of them have walked away. If I were smart I would too.


Well said. I hate that people say we can sit one out. No kidding. That’s never the point. The point is the game is so stale and the rewards are always lacking and never worth the effort required of us. The biggest problem is how they never listen to us or seem to want to make the game better. I guess as long as people keep spending on useless premiere recruits things will never get better.


Sadly this is the case in my region too… everyone is losing their desire to play. The spenders are now f2p and the competetion is very little. Majority of ly region has switched to Alliance or PUBG. Alliance is another p2w but PUBG is awesome and the friends i made in RTS all play it seems. Best part is PUBG is completely free and based on skill, not your wallet. Fix your game or this will be the case for other regions soon.


Similar here in Irwin. 333 wars, top faction was 97 of them.
23 factions warred, 17 had 10 or more.

Certainly not as bad as some, but worse than it was not that long ago

Was talking in faction chat about this very thing. War has become almost unplayable. We went 10 and 31, finishing 7th. Our lowest finish in a very long time. I didn’t hit the 50k milestone for the first time ever. The reason wins and scores were so low? We got matched up against more top factions than usual. I counted 4 times against number 2 in almost a row. It became a joke in faction chat that our faction and theirs were the only two playing.

Looking at the region war leader board, it became apparent that the top 3 factions accounted for most wars fought. This is to be expected, but when I look at the lower factions, many of them had 2 to 5 wars, all losses. This leads me to conclude that they too are being fed to the top, (spending) factions. No wonder they stopped signing up for war.

If the main point of the game is to level characters to be able to compete in war, and war is becoming pointless due to only super factions being able to compete, then I will not be playing much longer.

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Great post. You summed up what is wrong with war. I saw similar results in my region. Top 5 put up a ton of wars. The mid-tiers did about 20 and the lower ones barely hit 10. Were usually top 10 but we literally stopped midday on Sunday and finished 13th. It’s just not any fun when you can never get a match up with a team close to your strength. Losing a bunch of longtime players didn’t help much either.

Scopely please fix your matchmaking. Limit teams twice our strength to every other match. I would rather wait a bit longer in the queue than to get the number one back to back.

Stats from Henry
Winning faction had 105 wins and no losses.
2nd place faction has 58 wins and 23 losses.
My faction placed 4th with 39 wins and 37 losses.
A lot of activity compared to some regions but a bit unbalanced at the top :thinking:

In our region, as in most, AOW and Blitz Wars have lost their lust. We are going to try doing a 5* war. It will take coordination but could bring some fun back and will also level competition between top and lower factions.

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my region(mcintosh), we had 16 with 10 or more wars, and 26 factions overall with at least 1 war. i myself never joined a faction til noon sunday. i was gonna sit out but a few friends needed a hand filling que for a bit. games dying. same teams, same bs “rewards”=death for rts. game can be saved but needs scopely to see the issues and fix them. more toons, more variety, better rewards also region merging at this pt is a must imo.

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This weekend, we have had the top 3 factions lose a leader or two each. Many of us leaders are just tired of the same ol’, so I’m going to be taking a step back from now on until things change. In just two weeks, morale dropped in all factions to a new low. I think my region pulled the least amount of numbers ever recorded for us. I just don’t have the strength to hang on anymore. I think I did 5 wars this entire weekend. It just wasn’t fun. Sigh So little, so late…


We’ve just recently lost some leaders in the top 3 in my region too… I don’t think there is a fix to keeping those people playing as the game has been lackluster for too long now. I would offer suggestions but none are being listened too imo so what’s the point.


I posted in another thread but this is happening in Bleckley as well. Players are quitting and those in lower factions are frustrated because they are matching against the #1 faction and it’s not fun waiting 20 mins to match and then getting crushed. Several of us tried to help them out by putting up 5 star teams but really it shouldn’t be like this. This game will die this year unless Scopley does something drastic. Scopley should just release a bunch of new ascendable 5 stars (perhaps the ones posted recently and lower the qualifications for ascendance to 4 5 stars. It takes WAY too long to ascend and too much of a grind. People are tired and bored.

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I agree, region mergers need to happen. Old regions are bored with the lack of competition and small turn out for inter-region events. If Scopley wants more money, and we all know they do, give folks the option to move regions, or just merge dead ones together. CRW is no longer enough. That has already lost it’s glimmer.

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I would like CRW (8 regions) once a month. 3 day weekend.
and War with one region only. Chattoogna only had maybe 10-14 factions participating this past weekend. I would like to see One on One region war once a month and CRW once a month too.

Faction wars/blitz is annoying now but the rewards were great though. Thank you scopely.
esp a certain glitch i will not report ever. :wink: