War is boring :( :( :(


Early-PT region is in a terrible war dead region with only 5 active factions :(:soluço:


Stop trying to be a mod and telling people what they can and can not do. You have no authority here so no one should listen to anything you dictate towards them. If it’s bothering leaders or Shane, they’ll take care of it.


Who the hell are you to tell people what they can and can not post @kalishane you really need to do something about this guy, he is the main cause of hate and arguments on these forums, sticking his nose into everything. Absolute disgrace


Do what I do and just ignore him. I would block him but I don’t know where. Don’t give him any attention and he will go away


Here R18 I’ll do it for you. And you sent me a private message first so good luck with that



There are multiple threads in which you say the same thing over and over. Please stop spamming


Was that the one I called you a pleb and told you to eat shit?


I will say he has seemed toned on the new forums but hes still always the one sticking out. Dont be an internet bully just find a way to have fun with it and entertain yourself like i do.


Any topic R18 stick his nose into is instantly derailed. Something realt needs to be done about the fat cheesy bell end


Yes, that one. Share it too.


Yawn… do you copy and paste that crappy speach every time?


Lol i was telling him to chill out. But whatevs


The point of making multiple threads is that it makes it impossible for Scopely to ignore it… they may choose to anyway… but they see the new threads