War is boring, and has nothing to offer anymore (Thread refresh)


The other topic I started got derailed, so I will copy and past the old stuff, and we shall continue from there. Lol

I know I’m probably going to get heat for this, but ole well. War is boring. Why? Long searches, people not listening to orders, and just repeat factions for two days. Hardly anyone seems motivated to play it it seems. It’s a tiresome event. Just release Negan in a Tank already. That seems like it will be much fun than War. War lost it’s touch. Well to me at least, and of course I’m still going to play and help the team, it’s just starting to get boring. Oh and did I mention that 5s can still kill 6s apparently, so the buffs did nothing for 6*s in my eyes.


Tired of fighting the same teams over and over


Same here, but at least we’re getting milestones. :slight_smile:


If there was more of a variety and the fact that 5*’s are useless now. The game would be better


That’s what I’m saying, but it won’t happen.


The 6* buff really hurt the game no doubt, bc even if war was buggy and had it’s issues, it was fun and it was easier to overlook some annoying issues. But with these search times and every team the same, the fun feels like it was extracted from it.


This war weekend has been dreadful. Think i’m going to take the rest of the weekend off from this pathetic game. It’s a damn shame how badly everything has been botched


True, and after I hit my milestones I’m taking a break too.