War is being ruined


No 6v6 weekend wars, no blitz split weekend wars.
If this cannot be fixed more players will exit the game.

Quit giving people a reason to stay in dead regions or dead factions then give them same rewards as those fighting to actually earn them. That’s why it’s CRW!!!


As if Scopely cares. The only attention they pay to the game is creating new offers for new legendaries so that the cash flow can never end. :frowning:


@JB.Scopely what happened to taking our feedback into consideration? Seems like most of the feedback is negative right? If there’s no gps/canteens this weekend because of the split war again, I’m done.


They won’t fix it. We’ve been telling them for about a year now that the constant level up spam sucks and is bad for the game, and they continue to ignore it and torture us multiple times a week.


They tried out the split war to see how players would react, the feedback towards it has been overwhelmingly negative yet they continue to schedule them split. @JB.Scopely says the feedback has been given to the team but this is a live game, there should be no waiting to implement feedback


@JB.Scopely please get us a direct response from the Ops team as to why they continue the split wars despite their customers/players not wanting them.


Because it has been shown to increase profits? Idk but considering that is considerations 1,2,and 3 with player experience 4th (maybe) that has to be the actual answer, even if we may not see it in our individual particular regions.


When people complained about “no rocket abe = no towers” few days later a rocket abe offer appeared in game. So why would they mess around with the only feature people care about, War? Hmm.


Yep. Now with leagues, we are also picking up a 2nd raid each week too. It’s too much of the same thing for the same worthless rewards. How man times can people keep burning 10-15 cans twice a week before their supply is depleted? I can’t even auto everyone now because transfers brought in the whales so add waste of time on top of boring.

For the first time, I didn’t run any of the roadmaps and I have no plans to do so this week and I will also be sitting out all solo events this week. I just don’t care anymore and without getting anything towards a gear collection I’m not missing out on anything. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Plus I got the new Assassin’s Creed tomorrow. That’s where my 100 bucks went instead of a 40 pull with the worst possible odds for success but fantastic odds for disappointment.


Im happy with the spilt wars… more rewards


Take away a gps or canteen and you can hardly call it “more rewards”. More crap does not make something better.


More trash doesn’t make it better because you received more, it is still indeed considered trash.


There are still people cry for gps and canteens


No one is “crying”. They took away the gps or canteen from war. How you can’t see that this is a downgrade makes no sense because everyone else sure as hell can.

If they did the split and awarded one gps at 50k and a canteen at 50k for each war no one would be complaining or “crying”.


Sérieux… arrêtez de changer les fins de semaine de guerre… C’est vraiment la misère pour s’organiser… pfffff


I like 6v6 lol


If it’s 6 on 6 at least make it longer with more milestones


Here’s the secret: You don’t use 10-15 cans twice a week. Just use regular energy.


Hey, I did that complain about Abe & towers! :smiley:


i personally like the split wars, but you need to give people the chance to get the same milestone rewards they would out of 1. which would mean making one of them a 50k milestone with a gps/canteen bag/chest and a lilith. this would go a longgggg ways toward making this a more positive experience. for me the split means a break and a chance to reset without potentially dragging the faction queue with you. as far as hurting the 1st place faction may go…in my region fkr is taking 1st no matter how many resets are done