War is absolutely not fixed

No. CRW still isn’t fixed. Many of us (myself included) still can’t get in. I have played this game since it came out, and I don’t think I’ve been this disappointed since the whole “we won’t make 6*s available by pay only” promise. That’s when I stopped paying for pulls. I just stopped my monthly pass. No spending from me until a fair resolution is found. #PlayersUnite. Now I get to let my faction down since I scheduled around being able to play tonight. It sucks that it seems we have to choose between loving the game and hating the developers.


same problem here.

Scopely sent me a message that they fixed it but my entire faction cant play. ITS NOT FIXED

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Yep. Me too.

War down for my fac as well

not woking issue still not fixed

Not fixed at all, instead of the loop I am now getting “your faction has declared war” then nothing…

Not fixed, not surprised.


@GR.Scopely says it’s fixed… it must be.

pickens cant war…


Jesus Scopely

You literally JUST posted a reply to the Players United where you acknowledge that there is issues and now this.

I mean - even in your wildest imaginary makeup world - can you think this will NOT be seen as yet another massive flaw in your behalf?

It isn’t fixed - people can’t war - are we playing favors now?


It seems that some factions can play war but others can not. Is there a pattern? Are some of us being blocked intentionally?

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Now many of my faction players are completely knocked out of the entire game. Wtf

I have a few in my faction that are locked out of the game, can’t even open war queue.


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Yeah got the We Fixed it message but nope. Not fixed. Entire faction unable to start a cue


I still can’t even launch the game.

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This war is a mess.

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