War is a complete waste in our region

War has gotten to the point it was when rewards guaranteed top faction special rewards no one else could get. Basically creating a huge imbalance.

The leader has 101 wins no losses. There is a total of 27 factions in the war. Anyone bellow the top ten has an average of 20 losses and under 7 wins. The top 20 or lower factions have zero wins and an average of 5 losses.

Our region is full and has always been full. But wars and most events a side from level ups are not even contested nor full.

It’s sad when new players don’t even bother with large game features due to nothing they can do other then get destroyed. Either new blood needs to be introduced or has to be some sort of balance in the wars.

Multiple cross region matchup is no better. War matchup can be so inbalanced it’s a 4* team facing a 6*.

My point is simply wars still need attention. If players sub level 100 could contribute in some way it might breath new life. A simple matchup handy cap might help.