War in 1B (15 chars)

Got to say, this war seems like a huge improvement from the last.
-More balance since WoC factions are now in 1A
-Better matchmaking. We are about mid 30s and often face top10 but also often face 70 and less.
-Far quicker search times
-Prizes are okish but could be better, this one’s not improved but not gone downhill like prizes in other events yet. Can see it being a bit pointless if you aren’t really bothered about Kapoor though (tbh I’m not that sold on him myself).

All in all, I’m enjoying War more than I have in months. Credit where credit is due Scopely. Is it the same in other waves?


It’s easier for 1B… Because they’re up against wave 2 as well as 1B. For wave 2, it sucks. My faction is usually top 25. We are currently in 54th. :+1::+1::+1:


1B is placed in with wave 2? Damn didn’t know that. Why isn’t it 1B vs 1B, since that’s the entire point of waves?

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This war isnt wave restricted

We’re also wave 2 and facing 1B, but we’re doing fine. We’re actually 16th, so a nice change of pace.
Our biggest issue is with the 6v6 part. The faction is too active for everyone to hit the milestones. If the game laggs even for a second, queue is filled. :expressionless:

Why don’t you have a dibs call on faction chat? That will prevent those with a worse connection being disadvantaged, and you can call it in advance.

Because that wouldn’t be fair for some of us. We’ll go through it today, and figure out a system or something tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Our search times are painfully slow

That’s weird, they’ve been noticably faster for us. What wave are you?

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Damn, maybe it’s because of lower amount of factions. From what has been said above in this thread it seems 1B and Wave 2 (I’m assuming 2A but might be all of 2) are being put together, and there have been a ton of ex 1A factions that have moved to 1B so population for the war in this bracket is quite large.

Hopefully this isn’t the future of war brackets though as the whole reason for the regions being put into waves was to create better balance. This isn’t balanced for wave 2 at all. Just a feeding zone for wave 1 factions


This week is one of the “rest weeks” on the schedule. There was no restrictions on groupings, all of them have wave 1 and 2 regions. They are not restricted to A&B either. I figure they did this because otherwise it would be same matches every war for 1A regardless of qualifying or rest week as the pool would be so limited.


I don’t think they did the waves to create a better balance at all. It was done to start herding people out of dead regions without doing forced mergers. We are just cattle to Scopely.


I’m sure the wave one people think it’s great though.

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Not really - not all of us in wave 1 chose to be here.

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Oh well.

Tbf, I had no idea Wave 2 was involved in ours, just that 1A wasn’t. I honestly don’t think it’s fair on Wave 2, even if it helps us. There are enough regions in 1B to run it without Wave 2.

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Agree With OP.
War is Fun and Smoothie.

We’re 2A and facing Habersham, one of the Wave 1A-iest of Wave 1A regions. So it seems 1A, 1B, 2A and 2B are all together. Only Wave 3 is playing among themselves.

I don’t mind it so much personally, seems like we’ll end up right around the spot we usually do. It’s going to be less satisfying for the top factions in Wave 2, who now get so see what the rewards further down the list are like…

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